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Consultative platform   
Consultative platform
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EFSA Consultative Platform
Last updated: 14 July 2006    
Publication Date: 4 August 2005    

The creation of the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform was agreed by EFSA’s Management Board on June 20 2005. The Platform, composed of EU-wide stakeholder organisations working in areas related to the food chain, meets to assist EFSA in the development of its overall relations and policy with stakeholders. The meeting provides a platform for honest exchange of opinions and ideas.

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List of "Associated membership”








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Before being able to attend a meeting, an organization must apply formally to EFSA for membership. To be eligible organisations must meet all the following eligibility criteria:

- organisations set up at the EU level;
- organisations with a specific expertise on matters within the remit of EFSA and in particular food safety issues or covering a specific sector of the food chain
- organisations which are representative in the field of their competence and involved in the areas covered by EFSA;
- organisations permanently established at the EU level and well-known at the Community level for their activities in the area within the remit of EFSA.

Associated membership

In accordance to the Terms of Reference setting up the Platform, EFSA launched a call for expression of interest to constitute a list of "associated members" to be invited on topic-related and case-by-case basis.

Call for expressions of interest:

All applications received have been checked against the criteria laid down in the call of expressions of interest.

The list of eligible organisations is below enclosed.

List of Associated membership