Europass is an independent body set up through an agreement between Emilia-Romagna Region and Parma Province (Agreement E. R.391 16/02/2005) to help EFSA establish itself in Italy and to foster relations with local authorities and stakeholders. Europass manages a number of projects focused on promoting food safety issues and facilitating relations with EFSA. It is made up of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Parma, local universities, the Parma Chamber of Commerce and Emilia-Romagna Unioncamere.

Activities with EFSA

EFSA and Europass jointly organise cycles of conferences in Emilia-Romagna to raise awareness of EFSA, the EU food safety system and related issues, open to all interested parties.

Events in 2010

"Riprendi il gusto giusto" school competition - 20 April, Parma

“Scholarship award” - 16 April, Parma

“Food safety: risk communication and control” – 17 February, Parma

Events in 2009

“Safety of the infants nutrition” - 29 October, Bologna

Food labelling: information for health” and “Antimicrobial resistance in men and animals- 27 May, Modena

Molluscs farming: nutritional, environmental and hygienic aspects - 20 April, Ferrara

“Dimmi come mangi” regional school competition - 24 March, Parma

“Women and food” – 10 February, Parma

Past events

2008: From the field to the table – a cycle of conferences on various food safety issues including packaging and food contact materials, food additives and phytosanitary products

2007: Let’s talk about food safety – a cycle of conferences on various food safety issues including animal welfare and food labelling with regard to allergens

2005-6: Getting to know EFSA – a cycle of conferences to present EFSA and its role to general audiences

For more information

The Europass website provides details in Italian of all Europass activities:

EFSA contact person: Gianni Contestabile