Programme de préadhésion 2006-2007

The overall objective of the 2006-7 programme was to prepare the competent authorities in Turkey and Croatia for their active participation in the EFSA’s work post-accession. The aim was:

  • To promote and facilitate better understanding of EFSA’s mandate and role in the EU food safety arena,
  • To contribute to the exchange of scientific and technical expertise and legal regulatory affairs information,
  • Inclusion of Croatia and Turkey in crisis co-ordination exercises with EFSA and the development of appropriate mechanisms for crisis information exchange,
  • Creation of communication and information exchange systems to support Croatia and Turkey in their communication activities and
  • To transfer information on EFSA experiences and experiences from EU Member States on co-operation with the stakeholders.

An important feature of the programme was the exchange of expertise. The implemented activities included a series of seminars, workshops, colloquia and conferences where knowledge on food safety and related issues was shared. In addition, experts from Candidate countries participated in EFSA meetings on technical or scientific issues of relevance for the beneficiaries.

As a direct result of the Pre-Accession Programme 2006-7, 12 seminars and 2 Project Steering Committee meetings with national authorities and stakeholders were organized. The average number of participants per meeting was 40. Experts from Turkey and Croatia participated as observers in 62 different meetings such as the EFSA Management Board (5), Advisory Forum (4) and Advisory Forum Working Groups on IT (4) and Communication (5), Stakeholders Consultative Platform (1), different Working Groups (35), Conferences (6) and IT Web/Videoconferences (2).