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Publications at EFSA
Last updated: 25 luglio 2006    
Publication Date: 19 maggio 2006    

Publications play an important role in reinforcing EFSA’s visibility and making the Authority’s work known to key target audiences. The EFSA Publications team produce a growing number of ad hoc scientific publications in order to showcase the Authority’s scientific work and facilitate easy access to this work by its stakeholders.

EFSA publications fall into two categories – corporate and scientific.

Corporate publications

- EFSA Annual Report and Summary

- EFSAnews

- Promotional materials – EFSA factsheets and corporate brochure

Scientific publications

- EFSA Scientific Colloquia

- Zoonoses reports

- Genetically Modified Organisms

- Scientific Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allegies

Publications can be ordered free of charge. If you wish to receive a printed version of a publication please send e-mail stating your full postal address to