< Change pas de main

Released: 1975
Director: Paul Vecchiali
Notes: Jean-François Davy and Francis Leroi for Contrechamp and Unité Trois / Les Films Jacques Leitienne, 86 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Change pas demain
  • Depraved
  • Don't Change Hands
  • Béatrice Harnois uncredited, in orgy scene
  • Claudine Beccarie uncredited, in orgy scene and film-within-film footage, mostly masked
  • Dominique Erlanger plays Domino, non-sex
  • Françoise Giret plays Catherine Desprès, soft masturbation while watching the film-within-a-film
  • Hélène Surgère plays Françoise Bourgeois, the blackmailed politician, non-sex
  • Huguette Dathane plays Lancelote, soft-sex threesome with Jack Gateau and Natacha Karenoff, non-h/c in orgy scene where her character is murdered with scissors
  • Liza Braconnier plays Madame Mado, non-sex
  • Mona Mour plays Mona Mour, the singer/stripper in the club
  • Myriam Mézières plays Melinda Belgart, the private detective, nude and soft sex only, though appears in the orgy scene
  • Nanette Corey plays Natacha Bakhal, the assistant detective, very soft-sex and nude only
  • Natacha Karenoff plays Mistigri, nude and soft sex threesome with Jack Gateau and Huguette Dathane
  • Sonia Saviange plays Isa-Marguerite, non-sex
  • XNK5846 masked, orgy scene
Notes and Reviews

Hélène Surgère and Sonia Savianges both appeared in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salo.


  • Jean-Christophe Bouvet plays Alain Bourgeois, the politician's son (simulated necrophila as a transvestite dancer and in orgy, actual hardcore in film within a film)
  • Michel Delahaye plays Colonel Michel Bourgeois, non-sex
  • Noël Simsolo plays Ferdinand Desprès, non-sex
  • Howard Vernon plays Jacques Des Grieux, non-sex
  • Marcel Gassouk plays Victor, non-sex
  • Andrew Moore (More in end credits), plays Andrew (nude, soft sex?)
  • Jean Droze plays Albéric, non-sex
  • Serge Casado plays the bouncer, non-sex
  • Jean-Pascal Lomenech plays Pascal, non-sex
  • Jack Gatteau plays Jacky, the provincial, soft-threesome and in orgy scene
  • Antonio Diaz plays the cameraman in the orgy (according to imdb)
  • Benoît Archenoul, uncredited, in orgy scene

This is a sort of thriller movie taking place in the 50s. Myriam Mézière and Nanette Corey are two detectives. The character played by Nanette Corey dies.

Davy decided to make Exhibition from rushes involving Claudine Beccarie wearing the mask. He would also make another documentary (Les Pornocrates) about hard performers, using rushes of the orgy scene involving 70 performers (among whom Béatrice Harnois in her first film). However, of the females, only Claudine Beccarie and Béatrice Harnois could be identified in the process of performing hardcore.

A well-known female politician receives a tape showing her son in a porno movie. She decides to hire a female detective to figure out who is trying to black-mail her.

A political porn-thriller - in which sex scenes are pretty well integrated - portraying actual former members of the OAS (from archive footage) during the war of independance of French Algeria.

Information from Entre deux censures by François Joufa and Tony Crawley, translated by Prophilo, and from Le site filmographique Paul Vecchiali translated and adapted by another correspondent.

Film information also updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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