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Nunavut, Canada's New Territory

Nunavut schoolchildren talk about their communities and give their thoughts on the new Territory and its future. This project will become part of the Nunavut module of the National Atlas of Canada

As of January 1, 1999 the National Atlas will offer the digital vector files for its base maps through GeoGratis.
Resources Atlas
Resources Atlas allows people to view energy, mining, forestry and earth sciences information as on-line maps.
Geography Class
Visit the National Atlas on Canada's SchoolNet, an educational geographical and mapping resource on the Web.
Canadian Community Atlas
Explore the many Community Atlas sites produced by schools from all over Canada. Use our search utility to find information on the many subject areas developed by students about their community. Also, have a look at the country as a whole by creating national scale maps using our mapping tool.
The preservation of biodiversity against the encroachment of man is a worldwide priority. Examine the BioMap site for an overview of the pressures on native plants and animals and their habitats in Canada.
Spatial Resources
Interested in finding out where we obtain our data? Come and see how it might be combined and used to understand a variety of issues.
Related Government Resources
A virtual national atlas is emerging with the increasing number of interactive geographical resources offered by other government departments and institutions on the Web.
Election Mapping Coverage
Have you ever wondered about the voting patterns for the June 2 election? Are there regional patterns? Do demographic factors such as income play a role?
Canadian World Heritage Sites
Visit these world class natural and cultural sites... worth preserving for future generations.

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