Lounge Murat

Photo: Lounge MuratThe Cabinet has met in the Salon Murat since the Presidency of Georges Pompidou. Under General de Gaulle, the Cabinet used to meet in the former dining room, close to his office on the first floor.

Elysée palace mapThe President and the Prime Minister sit opposite each other on either side of the long table. In the middle of the table stands a portable clock in yellow brass, in the shape of a chest, with a clock face on either side, so that President and Prime Minister can both see the time at the same moment. A blotter and place card is provided at each seat around the table.

Photo: ClockOn the occasion of State banquets given for visiting Heads of State in the nearby Salle des Fêtes (large reception hall), guests are presented to the guest of honour and the President in the Salon Murat.

This salon was installed in response to the wishes of Murat, who felt the Palace needed a great reception hall. The architects B. Vignon and B. Thibault created the salon by joining Nicolas Beaujon's dining room together with the adjacent chapel to form a single room.

Photo: ConsoleOn the courtyard side is an outstanding console made in 1820 by the Manufacture de Sèvres to designs by Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard.

Painting: 'View of Rome'Painting: 'View of Benrath Castle'

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  • Photo: last Ministers Council Meeting with G. Pompidou
    Last Ministers Council Meeting with G. Pompidou
  • Photo: first Ministers Council of L. Jospin's first government
    First Ministers Council of L. Jospin's first government

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