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Welcome to the web site of the B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines, Honourable Dan Miller Minister.  He is also Minister responsible for Northern Development. 

The ministry manages the development of British Columbia's oil, gas, geothermal and mineral resources, and implements policies and programs to encourage economic development in an environmentally acceptable manner.

The ministry also regulates and inspects the B.C.'s oil, gas and mining operations to protect the workers, the public and the environment.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines web site is being redesigned.  Many links will take you to the old site that we shared with the Ministry of Employment and Investment.  As the material is "moved over" these links will disappear.   Please use the feedback and other features to give us your comments as we make the transition.  The province is currently conducting a project that will standardize the "look and feel" of all government web sites.   This new site has purposely been designed to limit the cosmetic "extras" so that once standards have been announced we can incorporate them easily.


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