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The following policy governs the operation and management of the Government’s main Web site, and all Web sites of Ministries, and agencies reporting to Ministries.

All material on Government Web sites belongs to the Government of British Columbia, except where otherwise indicated. Without the prior written consent of the Government of British Columbia, no material from a Web site may be reproduced for any purpose, except as stated on the Web site or as permitted under the federal Copyright Act.

Questions or concerns?

For more information, or to request permission to reproduce materials from a Government Web site, please contact the Intangible Property Program, Queen's Printer, by e-mail at: feedback@bcis.gov.bc.ca, by telephone at: (250) 356-0843, or by fax at: (250) 356-0846.

If you find any materials on these pages that you believe violate a copyright, please send e-mail to Webmaster.