Ministry of Energy and Mines
Geological Survey Branch Phone and Email Lists


Mailing Address:
PO Box 9320 Stn Prov Gov't
Victoria, BC, V8W 9N3

FAX: 250-952-0381
Call Toll Free in B.C

Office Location:
5th Fl. 1810 Blanshard St.,
Victoria, BC

For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia please contact GSB Mailbox or use the toll free number (B.C. residents only).


Name Title

Email Address

Chief Geologist’s Office
Ron Smyth Chief Geologist 250-952-0374
Beverley Brown Admin. Assistant 250-952-0392
Exploration Services and Information
Gib McArthur Manager 250-952-0394
Peter Bobrowsky Quaternary 250-952-0395
Steve Cook Geochemist 250-952-0393
Pat Desjardins Mineral Potential 250-952-0425
Wayne Jackaman Regional Geochemical Survey 250-952-0398
Ray Lett Geochemist 250-952-0396
Vic Levson Quaternary 250-952-0391
Ian Webster Terrain Mapping 250-952-0433
Mineral Development Office 301-865 Hornby Street Vancouver B.C.
Tom Schroeter Manager 604-660-2812
Ward Kilby Manager, Mineral Potential and GIS 604-660-2693
Robert Pinsent Research Geologist 604-660-0223
Economic Geology and Mineral Inventory
Derek Brown Acting Manager 250-952-0432
Dani Alldrick Mineral Deposits Geologist 250-952-0412
Chris Ash Mineral Deposits Geologist 250-952-0426
Laura De Groot ARIS/MINFILE Database Manager 250-952-0387
Mike Fournier Science Officer 250-952-0405
Trygve Hoy Project Geologist 250-952-0406
Larry Jones Senior MINFILE Geologist 250-952-0386
Nick Massey Project Geologist 250-952-0428
George Owsiacki MINFILE Geologist 250-952-0389
Garry Payie Prospector's Assistance Program & MINFILE Geologist 250-952-0403
Gerry Ray Project Geologist 250-952-0408
Barry Ryan Coal Geologist 250-952-0418
George Simandl Industrial Minerals Geologist 250-952-0413
Allan Wilcox ARIS Geologist 250-952-0390
Bedrock Mapping
David Lefebure Manager 250-952-0404
Kim Passmore Admin. Assistant 250-952-0392
Janet Holland Admin. Assistant 250-952-0452
Larry Diakow Project Geologist 250-952-0430
Fil Ferri Project Geologist 250-952-0377
Andrew Legun Project Geologist 250-952-0446
JoAnne Nelson Project Geologist 250-952-0438
Jim Logan Project Geologist 250-952-0436
Don MacIntyre Project Geologist 250-952-0440
Mitch Mihalynuk Project Geologist 250-952-0431
Graham Nixon Project Geologist 250-952-0448
Paul Schiarizza Project Geologist 250-952-0434
Verna Vilkos Science Officer 250-952-0447
Brian Grant Manager Publications 250-952-0454


For availability and cost of MINFILE reports, maps, open files and data diskettes see MINFILE Products.

Name Title

Email Address

MINFILE Project team
Larry Jones Sr. MINFILE Geologist 250-952-0386
Laura de Groot Database Manager 250-952-0387
George Owsiacki MINFILE Geologist 250-952-0389
Garry Payie MINFILE Geologist 250-952-0403
Derek Brown Acting Manager 250-952-0432

Written inquiries should be directed to:

Geological Survey Branch
Ministry of Energy and Mines
Fax: (250) 952-0381
Office location: 5th Floor, 1810 Blanshard Street

Last updated: February 01, 2000.


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