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  ARIS Assessment Reports
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The British Columbia Geological Survey Branch has approved and transferred to microfiche more than 25,500 mineral exploration assessment reports filed by the exploration and mining industry since 1947. These reports provide information on geological, geophysical, geochemical, drilling and other exploration-related activities throughout B.C.  Paper copies of the Assessment Report Index, Assessment Report Index Maps and original and/or microfilmed assessment reports can be viewed at provincial government offices throughout the province.  Assessment reports can be purchased as photocopies and microfiche.

The Geological Survey Branch (GSB) maintains a computer-based Assessement Report Indexing System (ARIS) which provides ARIS data for interactive viewing along with other GSB databases at The Map Place. To download the ARIS data free of charge see the ARIS Data Download Request Form.  As of January 1999, we have incorporated several ARIS Searches into this site.

Visit the MINFILE site for searching and information on Mineral Occurrences in B.C..

For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia please contact GSB Mailbox or use the toll free number (B.C. residents only).

This page last updated: September 30, 1999


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