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Mineral Inventory (MINFILE)

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MINFILE/www - Search the Mineral Occurrence Database
now with Production and Inventory reports and downloads;
and links to Assessment Report summaries

MINFILE contains geological, location and economic information on over 12,000 metallic, industrial mineral and coal mines, deposits and occurrences in B.C. The MINFILE database can be searched, reported on, and updated using the MINFILE/pc software program. The program, data, and user documentation can be downloaded from this site. Data disks, maps and Reports on CD-ROM can be purchased at minimal cost.

Visit The MapPlace for interactive viewing of MINFILE data, along with other GSB databases.
Visit the ARIS site for searching and information on mineral exploration Assessment Reports in B.C.
Visit the Mineral Titles site for searching details on mineral tenures and Free Miners in B.C.
Visit Mineral Statistics for metal, coal and  industrial mineral statistics and lists of active companies.

New and Recent Postings

Products and Information

Exploration and Mining in BC 1998
A Guide to Locating Mineral-related Information in BC
Major Silver Deposits of BC (Open File 1998-10 on the Web)
New Occurrences & Updates in MINFILE (May 1999)
NTS 092INW - Ashcroft Map Area (map available)
Reserves/Resources Inventory Report (in PDF format)
Recent and Planned Releases (June 1999)
Industry Web Links in MINFILE (May 1999)
NTS Areas and Mining Camp Summary Sheets
MINFILE/www Search
MINFILE Products and Free Downloads
More on the MINFILE Project
More on the Database
More on MINFILE/pc and Documentation
MINFILE Project Team
What Is Property File?

For more information about MINFILE please contact the MINFILE Unit.

This page last updated: June 29, 1999

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