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More on the MINFILE Database

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The MINFILE database has information on:

More than 12,000 metallic mineral, industrial mineral and coal mines, deposits and occurrences documented in British Columbia.
Names; commodities; status (showings to major producing mines).
Location (NTS map, longitude/latitude, UTM, elevation and Mining Division).
Mineralogy and alteration.
Deposit character, classification and type (based on BC Mineral Deposit Profiles).
Host rock (lithology, stratigraphic names and ages).
Geological setting (tectonic belt, terrane, physiographic area and metamorphism).
Inventory (assays, reserves/resources and production).
Capsule geology and work history.
References and publications.
MINFILE data are distributed on disk or are downloadable from the Web. A readme.doc file on each disk describes the database.

Sample of a Master Report

prov.gif (17891 bytes) Click on the adjacent map to see a density plot showing all the mineral occurrences in the MINFILE database.
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