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MINFILE/pc Highlights:

MINFILE/pc is a user-friendly, DOS application for IBM-compatible computers.
MINFILE/pc, through 12 menu-driven screens, enables the user to search the MINFILE Database on a variety of exploration and/or geological parameters.
MINFILE/pc can send the data, in 12 formatted reports, to the screen, a file or a printer for viewing.
The data entry module allows the user to alter data in the MINFILE Database.
The data can be easily transferred between computers and exported for use in other programs and mapping packages. See Integration Features with Other Databases.
MINFILE/pc and its User's and Coding Manuals on disk can be ordered free of charge or downloaded from this site.
Help desk support is free of charge from the MINFILE Project Staff.
A readme.doc file describes the system and installation.
New Program Features are:
Georeferencing changes: location data handled in both NAD 27 and TRIM/NAD 83 datums; output files and reports display either datum;  new region fields; and ability to enter world-wide locations.
New extract files and formats: in ASCII, dBASE and Worksheet formats; Longitude/latitude in decimal degrees.
System configuration changes: ability to modify Code Tables; configure own editor; select datums; specify coordinate working areas; and  password security to restrict access to read only.
Report and print enhancements: dBASE and Worksheet formats; set default print device; and report preview feature with single page  print.
Exploration database changes: flexibility to archive project details; Exploration Database Coding Manual; export utility for all exploration project data; search-driven batch delete function; and new searches by Mining Division, Regions, Work Completed, Work End Date, and Projects associated with MINFILE searches.
In the January 1998 version of the software all searches have code table lookups.
The September 1998 version incorporates a minor patch.
The next version will be Year 2000 compatible.

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