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  The MINFILE project
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Project Highlights:

The MINFILE mineral inventory system consisting of a computer program, a database and documentation.
MINFILE is used by industry, governments, universities and the public for the following:
To find information on documented mineralization anywhere in British Columbia.
To develop exploration strategies.
For geoscience research.
To evaluate the resource potential of an area.
For land-use planning.
MINFILE: the Database contains over 80 megabytes of information on more than 12,000 metallic mineral, industrial mineral and coal occurrences in British Columbia.
MINFILE/pc: the Program allows the user to search, report and update data in the MINFILE database. The software is supported through documentation and a Helpdesk.
The MINFILE program and database are flexible and contain links to other sources of information. With the system, users can export and transfer several views of the database. See Integration Features with Other Databases.
The MINFILE/pc program, data and documentation can be downloaded free of charge from this site.
MINFILE products can be purchased from Crown Publications.

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