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New occurrences added to the MINFILE database

in 1999 (38 occurrences)
in 1998 (89 occurrences)


Updated occurrences in the MINFILE database
in September 1999 (250 occurrences); features 'quick codes' of 092INE and 092P.
in August 1999 no updates done.
in July 1999 (718 occurrences); features 'quick codes' (completing mandatory fields such as tectonic belt, terrane, host rock, deposit type and minerals) of 092INE and 092P and updates to many Industrial Mineral occurrences.
in June 1999 (205 occurrences); features updates in 093K.
in May 1999 (126 occurrences); features the addition of coal production for 1998 and updates from Exploration and Mining in BC 1998, Part B, including the Gibraltar map area (093B), Tsacha deposit (093F 055), VMS deposits in (093L) and Dominion Creek prospect (093H 133).
in April 1999 (326 occurrences); features the addition of 250 Work Histories in the Capsule Geology of occurrences in the Slocan map area (082FNW).
in March 1999 (324 occurrences); features the final edit to the Ashcroft map area (092INW).
in February 1999 (203 occurrences).
in January 1999 (34 occurrences).



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