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Complete Mineral Occurrence Reports

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BC MINFILE on CD-ROM is a complete record of 11,970 metallic, industrial mineral and coal occurrences in the province of British Columbia. Using Folio VIEWS Infobase software, you can quickly search the information stored in the MINFILE Master and Production reports. No extra software is required. You can also print and save to a variety of word processing formats. The data is current to December 1998.

The reports, encompassing almost 24,000 pages, contain all the data in MINFILE. This includes extensive detail on location; mineralogy and alteration; geology and host rocks; assay data, reserves and production records; and further references and information on any given occurrence. Included as part of each report is a text description of the geology and setting of each occurrence. This year's release of the CD-ROM also includes MINFILE Number and Name indexes.

Sample of a Master and Production Reports on the CD-ROM

MINFILE/pc is used to generate the Master and Production reports from the Digital MINFILE Database.   The MINFILE/pc program and data can be downloaded from this site.

This CD-ROM is available for $100.00 from Crown Publications Inc. It was produced by Hyperborean Productions Inc. (http://www.hyperborean-web.com), based in Whitehorse, Yukon. A similar Yukon MINFILE product is available. A description of the Folio VIEWS Infobase is available.

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