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January 27, 1999

The latest release (January 1999) of the entire MINFILE database contains information on 12,000 metallic, industrial mineral and coal occurrences in the province of British Columbia. This release includes both the formally released and the unreleased areas. Unreleased areas contain incomplete, unedited, and sometimes inaccurate data. Refer to the index map for the released areas.

The 15-disk set contains the entire provincial database arranged in standard ASCII format files for IBM-PC or compatible computers. Once loaded to a hard disk, the ASCII files require approximately 35 megabytes of space, and can be processed by MINFILE/pc or by other database management programs. Anyone wishing to use the MINFILE data should acquire the latest version of the MINFILE/pc Version 4.5 software.  Each disk contains the readme.doc file.

The data, configured with MINFILE/pc, require about 85 megabytes of space. MINFILE/pc is a licensed data-entry, search-and-report program distributed free of charge by the MINFILE staff of the Geological Survey Branch. The program can be downloaded from this site. Due to the size of the database, the files are broken down into geographic mapsheet groups to allow the user to load part of the province rather than the complete dataset (see table below).

The data are distributed on 1.4-megabyte, 3.5-inch diskettes, using the DOS copy command and the PKZip compression utility by PKWare Inc. The entities (or code tables) are included on each data diskette.

The disks also contain digital summaries and geological legends for some map areas and an ASCII file with a list of the MINFILE occurrences contained on the disk. A dBASE file contains a record for each MINFILE occurrence and includes MINFILE number, primary name, the first 7 commodities, status, NTS map, latitude, longitude, UTM location, elevation, mining division, deposit type code and region.

The 92 MINFILE maps for the complete province are available on both microfiche ($10.00 per set) and on paper ($5.00 per map). All Master and Production report printouts (current to December 1998) are available on a CD-ROM ($100.00).

Disk Number NTS Area(s) Number of Occurrences Size (Mb)
1 082E 713 3.5
2 082F 941 3.5
3 082G,J,K 931 2.5
4 082L-O;083C-E 777 2.3
5 092B,C,E,F 937 3.1
6 092G,J,K 751 2.2
7 092H 790 3.1
8 092I 570 1.6
9 092L-P;102I,P 730 2.2
10 093A-K 795 2.1
11 093L-P 814 2.5
12 094A-P 843 3.7
13 103A-C,F-K,O,P 811 2.2
14 104A-B,F-H 789 3.2
15 104I-P;114O-P 805 2.4
  TOTAL 11,997 40.1

Download data is current to January 1999. A map is available to show disk distribution.

This page last updated: April 06, 1999. MINFILE Home Page


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