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MINFILE maps for released areas (i.e., those with complete and accurate data), contain a topographic base with a geology layer, a geological legend, and the mineral occurrence layer. In the map package is a Summary Report of the map area, including an index map and selected references; and tabular indexes, including MINFILE Number, Primary Name, Primary Commodity and NTS Map.

The 101 Mineral Inventory/MINFILE maps are also available on microfiche for $10.00 per set. This microfiche set was last updated January 1997. Paper copies of the maps, which may be purchased for $5.00 per map area, are plotted at either a 1:100,000 or 1:250,000 scale depending on the density of occurrences on the map. The fiche and maps are available from Crown Publications.

Click here for an index map detailing the areas covered by the MINFILE database.

NOTE: For unreleased areas (i.e., those areas with incomplete and/or inaccurate data), MINFILE maps (referred to as Mineral Inventory maps) do not include topographic or geological layers.

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