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  MINFILE Products and Downloads
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Products Cost / Availability
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) A Guide to Locating Mineral-Related Information in B.C. Summary Page or Article in Exploration and Mining 1998
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) New Occurrences & Updates in MINFILE Tables and lists on the Web
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) Industry Web Links in MINFILE Table on the Web
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE/www and Custom Searches $Free on the Web or request
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE Reports on CD-ROM $100.00
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE NTS Summaries and Mining Camps Web viewing and on disks
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) Digital MINFILE Database $75.00/set of 15 disks or $7.50/disk (download free)
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE Documentation:
    User's Manual ; Coding Manual and Coding Cards
$Free disk or Web viewing
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE/pc Software $Free disks or download free
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE Database printouts by map area Replaced by CD-ROM
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE Maps (Hardcopy and on Microfiche) $5.00/map or $10.00/fiche set
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) MINFILE Reserve and Resources Inventory $20.00 or view part on the Web
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) 1998 Mines and Exploration Projects $7.50 disk (download free)/$10.00 maps
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) Major Silver Deposits of British Columbia $10.00 tables and map or view part on the Web
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) Major Industrial Mineral Deposits $10.00 disk and map
ballshiny.gif (523 bytes) Vancouver Island Special Edition $7.50 (download free)

MINFILE Index Map (larger image is clickable)

Click on the adjacent index map for more details on areas covered by the MINFILE database. You may then click some of the NTS maps to see a summary description, references and map showing the location of the mineral occurrences.

MINFILE maps, CD-ROM, open files and data disks are available for purchase from: Crown Publications Inc.

For further information, please contact any member of the MINFILE Project Team, or write to the MINFILE Unit.

This page last updated: June 21, 1999. MINFILE Home Page


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