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Mineral Land Use  

Mineral exploration and mining are permitted land use activities in all areas of British Columbia outside of provincial parks and protected areas, subject to applicable legislation. This Cabinet endorsed direction is being implemented in all approved land use plans across the province.

In British Columbia, this approach to land and resource management is unique to subsurface resources for a variety of reasons.

It respects the indefinite, expensive and high-risk nature of inventorying our hidden mineral resources through private sector exploration.
It recognizes that there is little or no environmental impact to other resources or land users from the great majority of prospecting and early exploration activities that must be carried out across the land base as the first essential step in finding new mines.
It also recognizes that we have regulatory tools that are effective in managing exploration and mining activities, including access roads or trails, in relation to environmental values and sensitivities across the land base. Potential impacts from mining are much more site-specific than from exploration and the need for regulation correspondingly increases with the potential for impacts.
Finally, this approach reflects the extremely high value of those small sites of land that contain orebodies and the benefits that mining them can bring to provincial and regional economies.

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In short, maintaining all lands outside of protected areas open to mining is the most practical and effective approach to optimizing the benefits of maintaining a healthy mining sector in British Columbia.

However, land use management remains a complex and difficult process in a province as dynamic as British Columbia. There are many mineral concerns to be addressed along the way, in order to ensure the above policy approach is implemented efficiently. This website provides information and examples on how mineral land use concerns are being addressed in British Columbia through three main headings:

BC's Land Use Planning Framework
The Role of the Ministry of Energy and Mines in Land Use Planning
Current Issues

This site provides a "minerals value-added" source of information on land use in British Columbia. Other websites are identified where you can find more detailed information on particular land use issues, without a focus on mineral resources. 

Last Updated May 09, 2000


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