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Feedback Form
1. A "cell" is defined as an area on the map grid that can be individually acquired as one claim. Currently, the proposed size is about 21 hectares (457m x 463m). Is this satisfactory, or should cells be smaller or larger?
  Satisfactory Smaller Larger  
2. What is the maximum number of cells that miners should be allowed to acquire in one submission?
3. During the submission for title, should tentatively-selected cells be held off-limits to subsequent users/clients?
  Yes No    
4. Please give us your thoughts on:
  a. Recording fees
  b. Cash in lieu
  c. Maintenance
5. If additional land status information (i.e., more private land information) can be provided for a user's fee, would you be interested in this service?
  Yes No    
6. What are your suggestions regarding charges and fees for acquisition of title?
7. Please add any other comments here
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