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Enhydra Shark AddOn products available !

Enhydra Shark AddOn products ...advanced features for production environments. Just add them to your environment without any change of the Open Source distribution...

Enhydra Shark 2.0 final available !

Enhydra Shark 2.0 final including an XForms based worklist handler / admin servlet application, webservice APIs and optional J2EE EJB support for JBoss (including deployment as webservice), Apache Geronimo and JOnAS is now available !

etenso & Enhydra Server win ObjectWeb award !

etenso GmbH in Germany uses Enhydra Server to implement a knowledge and information management product and wins the ObjectWeb Award ! Read more...

Shark & JaWE @ AKBANK in Turkey

AKBANK in Turkey uses Enhydra Shark and Enhydra JaWE with support from Together for approval mechanisms in retail banking. Read more...

OpenUSS & Enhydra Enterprise

OpenUSS uses Enhydra Enterprise to serve thousands of students worldwide.

Snapper @ GrECo International AG

GrECo International AG succesfully deployed Enhydra Snapper in their LAN, integrated the fulltext indexing / search and the document previewer into their insurance broking application "BroSys" and GrECo users search in about 2.2 million documents in fragments of seconds !

Java Open Source Workflow

Enhydra Shark
The Enhydra Shark project delivers an Open Source Java workflow server with a difference. It is an extendable and embeddable Java open source workflow engine framework including a standard implementation completely based on WfMC specifications using XPDL (without any proprietary extensions !) as its native workflow process definition format and the WfMC "ToolAgents" API for serverside execution of system activities. Every single component (persistence layer, transaction manager, scripting engines, process repository,...) can be used with its standard implementation or extended/replaced by project specific modules.

Enhydra JaWE
Enhydra JaWE (Java Workflow Editor) is the first open source graphical Java workflow process editor fully according to WfMC specifications supporting XPDL as its native file format. It can be used to edit / view every XPDL file which conforms to WfMC XPDL specifications , does NOT use any proprietary XPDL extensions and is available in English, German, French and Serbian language already. Advanced features like the consistency validation and guided property editor dialogs for all XPDL objects make it really easy to create valid XPDL files. The representation of workflow participants as "swimlanes" in the editor graphics gives a comprehensive overview of process responsibilities.

Java Open Source Application Server

Enhydra Server
Enhydra Server is an Open Source Java application and webservice server including standard Apache Tomcat (or alternatively Jetty) and Apache Axis with a very big difference ! While the servlet API is used to support presentation logic, the platform contains just about all enterprise level services to build extreme high volume web sites in an n-tier architecture. The architecture is designed for perfomance and in tests we showed incredible performance numbers ! Many Enhydra servers are powering the Web today, some catering to millions of transactions a day. One of the most talked about features of Enhydra is its Enhydra XMLC technology - an object-oriented standards based replacement for JSP that completely separates the designer and developer. In addition, Enhydra includes a relational-to-object mapping tool (Enhydra DODS), Enhydra Workflow (Shark and JaWE), clustering web server extensions for Apache, IIS and IPlanet and much more. Check it out, you won't be sorry! :-)

Enhydra Enterprise
This is the effort to bring the advantages of the Open Source Java application server Enhydra to existing J2EE container implementations. Open Source J2EE containers like JOnAS and JBoss are supported already ! And Apache Geronimo will also be packaged as an alternative to EAF addons for commercial J2EE servers like IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Oracle and Sun J2EE servers.

Java Open Source Tools and Technologies

Enhydra XMLC
Enhydra XMLC is the presentation technology that supports the needs of designers, developers and architects alike, delivering what JSP cannot - strict separation of markup and logic in a true object view of dynamic presentations. XMLC is now fully portable to Tomcat 4, 5 as well as JBoss, BEA, Enhydra and other Web Container implementations. Enhydra XMLC is included in Enhydra Server and Enhydra Enterprise. Several Enhydra Demos also use XMLC !

Enhydra DODS
Enhydra DODS (Data Object Design Studio) is an open source relational-object-mapping tool with a difference. Based on XML data model descriptions the SQL DDL, sophisticated Java code and documentation (HTML, pdf, XMI) is generated automatically using a generator GUI, by Ant tasks or from within the Eclipse IDE. The generated Java code provides a lot of possibilities for runtime optimization (DO LRU caching, Query LRU caching, cache initialization, lazyloading,...).

Enhydra Director
Enhydra Director is a collection of open source web-server plugins to provide loadbalancing, clustering and unified connection methods for different web-servers on different platforms. It supports several popular Web servers and operating systems, including Apache (on Linux/Unix and Windows), Netscape Enterprise Server (on Linux/UNIX and Windows), and Microsoft Internet Information Server. Director also supports several applications servers: Tomcat (v5.xx and v5.5x), Jetty, JOnAS, JBoss and Enhydra Server.

Enhydra Octopus
Enhydra Octopus is a Java-based Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool. It may connect to any JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in an XML file.

Enhydra Application Framework
Enhydra application framework EAF is a portable set of APIs making development of typical web applications a lot easier but still keeping portability to the application server of your choice by using plug-ins to adopt the EAF API's to the specific environment.

Enhydra Kelp
The Enhydra Kelp project is focused on creating tools that make it easy to get the most out of other Enhydra technologies such as XMLC, Octopus and DODS. Kelp includes command line tools, application wizards and Eclipse IDE plug-ins.

Enhydra Oyster
Enhydra Oyster is an Open Source Java library for SMIME signing and encryption of E-Mails using different key strengths and algorithms. It is developed with suport and testing for major E-Mail clients.


Java Open Source Application Template

EJOSA Templates
EJOSA (Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture) is a project supporting the effective development of J2EE-based web applications. The project is a "starter kit" and "best practices kit" which can be used as a good starting point. It offers a solution how to overcome the complexity of J2EE application development by using the Open Source products Enhydra and JOnAS. So EJOSA can also mean Enhydra and JOnAS Application, because we use Enhydra and JOnAS as our main components.

Java Open Source Applications and Demos

Enhydra Demos
Enhydra Demos is the collection of all ~30 Enhydra samples including sources which show the usage of Enhydra Technologies like EAF, DODS and XMLC.

Enhydra Snapper
This fulltext indexing and search engine application is designed to work on even millions of documents in unlimited different intranet / LAN "sites". The included search application is completely XML/XSLT based representing search and result pages as easily customizable XML/XSLT/HTML documents. All common office file formats are supported: MS Office, Outlook, PDF, HTML, TXT, ZIP, PST, Pictures, scanned Images, etc. without the need of installing the corresponding tools on the server or the client. Doument metadata from relational databases can be merged into the document index for even richer search details / result output. Update of index data can of course be done incrementally. The content of the documents can be previewed in HTML pages based on an XML/XSL/HTML transformation of the index data without having the corresponding tool (Office, etc.) installed and translated into different languages by integrating translation engines into the separate previewer application. Enhydra Snapper is a ready-to-use application but also a nice bundle of technologies that can easily be integrated into other applications and environments.

Open Source Middleware for Business Solutions

The Enhydra.org community has its focus on middleware software for business solutions. It now consists of many developers from over 50 countries and you can count on the projects because they are backed by ObjectWeb, a truly open source oriented consortium, and Commercial Vendors. They are able to offer commercial products, support, consulting and training.

The Enhydra.org Web site was initially created by Lutris Technologies. Starting from beginning of May 2002, Together Teamlösungen and ObjectWeb took over the sponsorship of the Enhydra.org initiative. The Enhydra projects now use the ObjectWeb infrastructure and in particular the ObjectWeb Forge which is based on GForge.

Mobile access

The Enhydra.org website can now also be accessed from mobile devices using optimized content for different device types:

Enhydra.org for PDAs

Enhydra.org for PDAs with VGA resolution

Enhydra.org for cellphones

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