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Sep 3 -  6 sites added, 11 sites proposed for Superfund cleanup list
Sep 3 -  $1.5 M for Brownfields training, research, and assistance
Sep 3 - 67,000 acres of Mississippi wetlands protected
Sep 1 -  EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waiver for Texas
Aug 29 -  EPA Approves Hurricane-Related Waiver for 16 Parishes in Louisiana
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Green Scene

Lori Stewart, Associate Office Director of EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Lori Stewart, Associate Office Director of EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality, discusses new emission standards for small engines used in lawn equipment and small boats aimed at significantly reducing pollution in our air and waterways.

Blog: Greenversations

EPA employees bring their daily lives to their daily jobs, whether cleaning up spills or writing regulations. In this blog, we (and occasional guests) blog about the things we bring to our jobs every day.

El medio ambiente y su salud

Aprenda cómo controlar los ataques de asma durante el Mes de la Concienciación sobre el Asma.
Más información sobre salud ambiental en español. |

School is in! Now what?

collage of a teacher and a student looking at chemistry equipmentFall is when we return to the classroom. Students, parents, and teachers can all make a difference in reducing waste and saving energy.

  Test Your Enviro-Q  

What percent of all poisonings in the U.S. involve a child under age six?

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