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About the European Regulators Group

The European Regulators Group ("ERG") was created by Commission Decision 2002/627/EC adopted on 29 July 2002.

Commission decision: 2002/627/EC of 29 July 2002 - English version - PDF format - 101,08KB Commission decision: 2002/627/EC of 29 July 2002

The inaugural meeting of the Group was held in Brussels on October 25th, 2002.

Commissioner Erkki Liikanen speech - English version - Word format - 38,50KB Speech given by Commissioner Erkki Liikanen at the inaugural meeting
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The ERG is an independent body of reflection, debate and advice in the electronic communications regulatory field. Composed of the heads of the relevant national authorities, it acts as an interface between them and the European Commission in order to advise and assist the Commission in consolidating the internal market for electronic communications networks and services.

Among its main missions, the ERG aims at ensuring a consistent application of the new regulatory framework for electronic communications and services established in accordance with European Parliament and Council Directives:

Framework Directive - English version - PDF format - 169,69KB Framework Directive: 2002/21/EC of 7 March 2002
Access Directive - English version - PDF format - 142,16KB Access Directive: 2002/19/EC of 7 March 2002
Authorisation Directive - English version -PDF format - 137,71KB Authorisation Directive: 2002/20/EC of 7 March 2002
Universal Service Directive - English version - PDF format - 199,11KB Universal Service Directive: 2002/22/EC of 7 March 2002
Directive on privacy and electronic communications - English version - PDF format - 162,00KB Privacy and electronic communications Directive: 2002/58/EC of 12 July 2002