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Catherine M Norton MACABRE Just love it. And the etymology speaks to me of Paul McCartney covered in bees, which is cheering.
for JENNY MELANCHOLY "Jenny believes this is the most beautiful word she has come across, whereas I think she is the most stunning woman I have ever met. We fight about who's right all the time!
I love you Jenny, and always will,
G xxx"
Marion Moebus PONDEROSA For Nancy, who loves words and their histories as much as me.
Nick Johnson MANIFEST .
James Gawn THOLE (verb, transitive) To Rachel
- because if I were she
Ah couldnae thole me.

SESQUIPEDALIAN you got the first word, so i get the last.
love, your too possessable,
anonymous BABY To my Baby, Truly....
Silly Gopher... =P GOPHER This word should sell like hot cakes.... Especially if it smells like hotcakes!!!
Richard Hamouris AXOLOTL Mad Magazine first introduced me to this word when I was about 8 years old... Nobody I have passed the word on to has ever known of it's existence before... thus, it holds a special place in my heart :)
RottLover.com ROTTWEILER The Rottweiler is a dog worthy of love and respect, says this ROTTLOVER, and so the word is worthy of my support. For more info on Rottweilers and why they're so lovable, visit rottlover.com!
ANNE LEIGHTON MEOW "It's what my all my cats say!"
ANDREA P. VAZZANO SARCOPHAGUS Because it's just a great word

TECHNOLOGY Oh dear. I've got the silly thing in reverse.

BORK! BORK BORK! poot ze-a cheekee in de-a oofee

BOOMERANG "Great Things ARE Coming Back!!"
PATRICK GEILLER AMNESTY A little like amnesia
anonymous MUMBLE ...mumble...
TED UNSETH ETYMOLOGY I know a 38-year-old Italian woman who captures my Soul. But she has great Angst concerning her own Soul--she can't seem to find it. I want to help. She says there's only one thing she's ever been consistently passionate about or interested in and that's Reading. But Reading is absorption; and I think she craves to find an Outlet that interests her. She once mentioned that she finds Etymology intriguing; but that's as far as it goes. I'd like to see it go farther. I'd like her to make Etymology a serious Hobby. Your site seems like the perfect place to begin such an undertaking. I thank you most sincerely for working so hard to construct it and then to make it available to others. "See, Carla? There is Hope, after all."

Amanda before her, er, "coffee," umm, I mean, "blood."
VAMPIRE Amanda -
Truly my sister of the Blood. May we always live in a world where mere mortals both explicitly and in so many words continue to say to us: "Bite Me".

Hmmm...and they say that like it's a "bad" thing?

Love In Middin, Moat and Mill,

WHORE For I am your "whore" in it's truest etymological sense: One who Desires.
Who is there to name my names oh Son of the Widow?
You are.
Love in the Wain and Wane,
GLENN KOHLMEISTER JAZZ Probably the best thing America has ever produced. Or ever will.
RENE BRUNNER, Switzerland RED 'Red' is one of the indo-european words that go back millenia into incredibly ancient times and yet as a big surprise to me still sound nearly the same in many languages.
McPink STINK "Now everyone knows I love you!"

Spooky Bible tracts
REVELATION "A famous book in which St. John the Divine concealed all that he knew. The revealing is done by the commentators, who know nothing."

Mr. Natural
ENLIGHTENMENT No! I mean the shoes of your soul!

Erika Andersen
ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM The ultimate smarty pants word

TROTH Olrik says, "We are in Troth with the Elder gods and goddesses of the North."
Aisling D'Art AMAZING It applies to my life, in so many happy ways, and also to the man in my life. Life is indeed amazing! *happy sigh*

Tucker Lieberman
SOPRANO Brooke Lieberman is a lyric soprano studying at Harvard University with the Class of 2005.

Constanze Cantoni-Guzman
CAT A noble animal.

Tara Kershner
BONE What a happy word! Bone, bone, bone! So happy!

Randy Crawford
TANAGRAM "Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too." -- Voltaire
Linda Jordan Tucker HYPERVENTILATE gasp!
Kurt Andersen HEYDAY .
Doug Harper GANGRENE From the moment I first heard this word, I knew it was the most beautiful in the language. Like breeze through the aspens on a warm spring day, yearning and wisful all at once, it should be the name of a goddess or a lost paradise.

Performance Rabbit
CHEERS Whenever I feel glum, I balance two pancakes on my head.

Glorious Leader
BRINKSMANSHIP Dude, where's my car?
Anonymous ANONYMOUS It's a secret
Lilhottie69@aol.com WORMWOOD The original Viagra?

BLONDE It be me!
Thomas Gray PENSIVE Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
diva@pptnet.com EPHEMERAL "gather ye rosebuds while ye may." I've been feeling that way, lately, with a new lease on life coming just at the time that I realize how fleeting everything is.
socks@hotmail.com SMOOCH It's my cat's name.

RECONSTRUCTION It's my cat's name.

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