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Consumer Protection

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The Euro Made Easy
Commission urges Member States to step up consumer information on Euro
Eurobarometer 52.0 : Europeans and the euro FR
Survey on the state of application of the European agreement between consumer and professional associations (The complete report of the survey is available only in English) DEFR
Joint declaration of consumer associations and professional associations from the distributive trades, tourism, craft and SME sectors following up the "Euro logo" agreement signed on 30 June 1998 in connection with the transition to the euro DE FR
EURO Working Group of the Consumers Committee Paper - "The Final Phase of the Transition to the EURO", (20.09.99)DEFR
OPTEM - Etude qualitative sur l'Euro et les populations sensibles des personnes âgées et des personnes en situation de précarité socio-économiqueDEEN
Opinion of the Consumer Committee - Euro and banking charges, 22/3/99 ESDEFR
Consumer Committee Opinion - Consumer expectations and concerns regarding the introduction of the Euro - 22.3.1999 ESDEFR
The easy euro - pilot projects with the disadvantaged, old and visually-impaired
Press release: The Commission steps up ongoing action on bank charges after the introduction of the euro DEFR
Intervention de Mme Bonino, le 27/11/98 à 10 h , à la conférence organisée par la Présidence autrichienne sur l’euro, à Vienne
We accept Euros :
- Press release
Presidency forum on the Euro
Agreement between consumer associations and professional associations from the distributive trade, tourism, craft and SME sectors in connection with the transition to the Euro DEFR
The results of the Forum "The euro and consumers" - Luxembourg - 1 and 2 December 1997 DEFR
Réussir le passage des Consommateurs à l'euro : Propositions du Groupe Euro du Comité Consommateur de la Commission Européenne (28/11/1997)
Le passage à l'euro : assurer l'acceptation et la confiance des consommateurs (Document technique sur la base des Travaux menés dans le cadre du groupe de travail euro du comité consommateurs)
Report from the Euro Working Group for the Consumer Committee DEFR

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