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The communication strategy for enlargement

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The European Commission adopted its communication strategy for Enlargement in May 2000. Up to now, the preparations for enlargement were based on two tracks: the pre-accession strategy, i.e. the actual reform process in the candidate countries, and the accession negotiations. The Communication Strategy for Enlargement is now the third track in the preparations for enlargement. This section of the DG Enlargement web site will inform readers about the way in which the objectives of the communication strategy are being met. It begins with a note, "Explaining enlargement", which details the progress in implementation of the communication strategy in the years 2000 and 2001. This will be followed up by regular monthly updates, which will illustrate the way in which the Commission delegations in candidate countries, its representations in the current member states, and the Commission headquarters in Brussels are trying, often in co-operation with other interested parties, to explain to the public in the current and future member states why the Union is about to undertake its largest and most ambitious enlargement so far, and what the consequences of this step are likely to be.


"Explaining Europe's Enlargement". Report from the Commission to the Council - Brussels, 5.6.2002, COM(2002) 281 final.

"Explaining Enlargement" - A progress report on the communication strategy for enlargement, March 2002. Published by the Enlargement Directorate-general's Information Unit. Avalaible as PDF-file: explaining_enlargement.pdf.


These monthly regular updates will summarise the activities carried in the framework of the European Commission's communication strategy for Enlargement.

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