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Press Corner Enlargement
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This corner of the Enlargement web site provides the most up-to-date information on the enlargement of the EU: see the Press releases

It also includes a list of contacts on particular issues.


Graphical element Enlargement weekly
for a weekly overview of how EU enlargement is progressing; who is doing what in the institutions, the member states and the candidate countries; and how the main challenges are being met.

Graphical element Enlargement Research Bulletin (ERB)
a monthly compendium of abstracts of research projects, studies and publications about the enlargement of the European Union, selected from a database of some 300 organisations throughout the member states, candidate countries and further afield.

Graphical element FAQ

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about enlargement

Graphical element Public opinion
Charts the level of knowledge and the key concerns of Europe’s citizens on EU enlargement.

Graphical element Speeches and press releases
the latest official statements and commentary from the European Commission and the other institutions.

Graphical element State of play
the latest state of the accession negotiations per country and a detailed analysis of the negotiations.

Graphical element Historic opportunity
all you wanted to know about EU enlargement, from 1989 to now.

Graphical element Candidate Countries in Facts & Figures
facts and figures on the future member states.

Graphical element Where to find information on the future Member States
a directory of web-links for each candidate country, as well as complete listings and contact details of the European Commission Delegations and Information Centres in the region.

Graphical element Press on the Internet in the candidate countries.

There is a large amount of daily information from the candidate countries available on the Internet. In the attached section you will find a series of links to media who maintain web sites, either in the languages of the countries concerned, or as a section designed for readers of English.

As for all links to outside sources, the Commission can accept no responsibility over the content. and provides the links for the convenience of readers.

Graphical element Whom to contact
Follow this link for the person to contact with any press enquiry or to request general information on enlargement.

For any press enquiries, see the spokesman contact details at:
For questions of general information on enlargement, email:

Graphical element Organisation chart
the official organisational chart of DG Enlargement, the Directorate General of the European Commission responsible for managing the enlargement process, complete with relevant names and contact details.

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Press Room
The European Commission's on line Press Room

  • Press Release
    Towards the Enlarged Union - Commission recommends conclusion of negotiations with ten candidate countries
    IP/02/1443 09/10/2002

  • Speeches
    - Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission Enlargement - the final lap
    European Parliament, Brussels, 9 October 2002
    - Günter Verheugen, Mitglied der Europäischen Kommission
    Strategiepapier und Fortschrittsberichte
    Europäisches Parlament Brüssel, den 9. Oktober 2002