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What's New on the Enlargement Site?

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29/02/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) New document: COM(1999)710: Communication to the Council: Participation of candidate countries in Community programmes, agencies and committees. All EU languages.


18/02/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) Update of information on Twinning - An Instrument of Institution Building. Information includes new Reference Manual for the administrations wishing to implement Twinning projects (updated version - 15 Feb. 2000)


18/02/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) Opening of Community Programmes. Information now updated with database giving state of play per country and per sector, contact list of agencies involved in these programmes and more.


02/02/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) The Phare Multi-Country Transport Programme: updated project information and contact details


31/01/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) Enlargement briefing: EU support for Roma communities in central and eastern Europe, 24pp (December 1999). English version now downloadable in .pdf format (123KB)


12/01/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) New version of the Phare Address Book (January 2000). Downloadable in .rtf format


10/01/00 bullet.gif (177 bytes) December 1999 Newsletter of the PRAQ programme (Quality Assurance programme under Phare)


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