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 Biological Safety

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16-02-2005Commission approves new BSE tests, opening up competition in the field
02-02-2005First case of BSE in a goat: Member States support Commission proposal for increased testing
28-01-2005Questions and Answers on TSE in goats
28-01-2005Case of BSE in a goat confirmed: Commission extends testing programme


26-11-2004Panel of scientists require more data to evaluate suspected case of BSE in a goat
19-11-2004BSE : Formal lifting of restrictions on Portuguese exports
28-10-2004Commission submits French Research Findings on TSE in a goat to Expert Panel
28-10-2004Questions and Answers on TSE in goats
20-07-2004Outcome of Agriculture/Fisheries Council of July 2004
17-05-2004Frequently asked questions about BSE-tests
06-05-2004Questions and Answers on animal by-products
03-05-2004EU rules on animal by-products set to apply for imports
26-04-2004Questions and Answers on hygiene requirements for food


24-12-2003Statement of Commissioner Byrne on a BSE case in the US
19-12-2003Revision of TSE testing in sheep and goats
29-11-2003"Zoonoses" Commissioner Byrne welcomes new legislation to combat food-borne diseases such as salmonella
16-10-2003Commission approves EUR 147 million to fight animal diseases in 2004
24-08-2003Questions and Answers on TSE in sheep and goats
22-07-2003Better food hygiene: Commissioner Byrne welcomes political agreement about official controls on food of animal origin
19-06-2003Commission approves new BSE tests
22-04-2003Imminent implementation of strict rules on animal by-products facilitated
05-03-2003Commission proposes extension of transitional measures on BSE
08-01-2003Questions and Answers on BSE


17-12-2002Member States endorse Commission proposals to combat TSE in sheep and goats
16-12-2002Commissioner David Byrne welcomes Council agreement on hygiene rules for food of animal origin
28-11-2002"Zoonoses" Commissioner David Byrne welcomes Council endorsement of proposals to combat food-borne diseases like salmonella
14-11-2002Cow tongues, vultures and geographical BSE risk on Scientific Steering Committee agenda
13-11-2002British beef: Commission satisfied that EU law is now respected
13-11-2002Questions and Answers on animal by-products
11-11-2002Press welcome to participate at seminar on Animal By-Products Regulation
18-10-2002Commission approves EUR 132 million package to fight animal disease
11-10-2002Commission adopts first EU report on irradiated food
02-10-2002David Byrne welcomes lifting of British beef embargo by France
24-09-2002David Byrne welcomes new rules on animal-by-products
17-09-2002Result of the Scientific Steering Committee
23-07-2002Commission proposes new rules for controls on food of animal origin
17-07-2002Commission decides to refer France to Court for a second time for non-compliance with Court judgment on British beef
02-07-2002Scientists publish geographical risk assessments (GBR) for seven countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, San Marino, Turkey and Vanuatu
27-06-2002Hygiene rules: Byrne welcomes Council agreement on more flexibility particularly for traditional products
22-05-2002BSE - SSC publishes new advice
16-05-2002Byrne welcomes European Parliament backing of proposals to combat food-borne diseases
15-05-2002Byrne welcomes endorsement of food hygiene proposals by the EP
09-04-2002Recent opinions of Scientific Steering Committee on BSE related issues
13-03-2002BSE Byrne disappointed by EP position on catering waste delaying adoption of animal waste regulation
14-02-2002Extension of TSE tests in sheep and goats
24-01-2002Food controls - EU inspectors find national controls on E. coli vary between EU countries
24-01-2002Scientific Steering Committee publishes new opinions on BSE related issues


18-12-2001Statement of Commissioner Byrne on new BSE-cases in Germany
05-12-2001Scientific Steering Committee publishes opinions about the origin of BSE and other BSE related issues
20-11-2001Commission services paper on the processing, disposal and uses of animal by-product in Member States
20-11-2001Common position on animal by-products regulation agreed
24-10-2001Scientific Steering Committee publishes opinion on potential risk of BSE in sheep and goats
16-10-2001Commission approves EURO 155 million to fight animal diseases
11-09-2001Scientific Steering Committee publishes new opinions
01-08-2001"Zoonoses" Commission puts forward proposals to combat food-borne diseases like salmonella or E.coli
19-06-2001Common position on animal by-products regulation agreed – MBM-ban will be prolonged
12-06-2001Commission toughens measures against Transmissible Spogniform Encepalopathies
20-05-2001Commission working paper proposing to prolong MBM-ban
03-05-2001Byrne welcomes EP adoption of legislation setting out a comprehensive framework for combating BSE
02-04-2001Scientists publish geographical BSE risk assessment for thirteen third countries
07-03-2001Commission proposal to gradually lift restrictions on export of Portuguese beef backed by the Standing Veterinary Committee
14-02-2001Scientific Steering Committee publishes risk assessment if BSE were to be found in sheep
13-02-2001Publication of geographical risk assessment of BSE for Botswana, Lithuania, Namibia, Nicaragua and Swaziland
07-02-2001Commission approves further protection measures against BSE


19-12-2000Frequently asked questions about BSE-tests
05-12-2000Commission evaluating five new tests
29-11-2000European Commission decides new measures on BSE: exceptional events call for an exceptional response
29-11-2000Scientific Steering Committee adopts opinion on scientific justification of national BSE measures
27-11-2000David Byrne on BSE-developments in Germany and Spain
24-11-2000Statement of David Byrne on new BSE-cases in Germany and Spain
13-11-2000Byrne and Fischler proposing BSE-test for all older cattle in the EU
21-09-2000EU scientists advise on BSE-related culling and review recent BSE research
01-08-2000Scientists publish final conclusions on geographical BSE risk
17-07-2000Commission proposes new food safety hygiene rules
19-06-2000Byrne states Commission intention to adopt key health protection measure to reduce BSE risk
03-05-2000Commission proposes to strengthen public health protection with proposal to remove specified BSE risk materials from the food chain
19-04-2000Scientific Steering Committee issues opinions on the safety for human consumption of animal bones and blood


29-10-1999Opinion of the Scientific Steering Committee of 29 October 1999
17-05-1999No evidence for BSE transmission through milk


19-11-1998Commission submits second BSE follow-up report

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