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BSE/Scrapie - Introduction

Since 1989, the European Commission, in close co-operation with the Member States has taken a series of measures to manage the risk of BSE in the EU. Since September 1999, the Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection is responsible for the measures to protect both human and animal health from the risk of BSE. The Commissioner David Byrne has set out his views on BSE-related issues in a series of speeches to the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and others.

The responsibilities of the Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection in relation to BSE include:

  • development of veterinary legislation to protect consumer and animal health and to ensure the safety of animal feed;
  • management of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health where representatives of the Member States discuss current veterinary issues and approve urgent measures as necessary;
  • management of the scientific committees advising the European Commission on consumer health protection issues, including BSE;
  • inspection and control of the correct implementation of legislation to protect animal and consumer health by the Member States.

See related FAQ section.

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Legislative measures on BSE up to 1st July 2001 were adopted by the European Commission as safeguard measures after approval by the representatives of the Member States in the Standing Veterinary Committee. As of 1st July 2001 European Parliament and Council Regulation No 999/2001 forms the legal basis for all legislative action on BSE and will in due course replace the existing Commission Decisions on safeguard measures.

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