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 Biological Safety

List of CRLs for chemical residues. pdf

Workprogrammes for Community Reference Laboratories for residues for 2003.pdf

Joint annual report of the European Union Community Reference Laboratories for residues. European Commission contract period: July 2000-June 2001. pdf

Work programmes (July 2002 - December 2002). pdf

Work programmes (July 2001 - June 2002). pdf

The Commission publishes this information as annual reports:

Report from the Commission on food irradiation for the period September 2000 to December 2001 es da de el fr it nl pt fi sv pdf


The European Union and Food Security: Lessons from the BSE crisis, Brussels, 30 November 1 December 1998

Lessons from BSE Crisis pdf

Part 2 : Verbatim pdf

Part 3 : List of Participants pdf

Second bi-annual BSE follow-up report, 18 November 1998.

Vademecum de l'Encephalopathie Spongiforme Bovine (BSE) - 3rd Edition, 16 October 1998.

Special Report to the European Parliament Concerning Recommendations on BSE, 16 March 1998.

Final Consolidated Report, to the Temporary Committee of the European Parliament on the follow-up of recommendations on BSE, 2 March 1998.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Guide - 2nd Edition, 29 October 1996.

Report on BSE (n. 14/2001) from the Court of Auditors. pdf

Intercomparison study for the determination of processed animal proteins including meat and bone meal in animal feed. pdf

Effective Feed Ban: Guidance note for third countries, 18 July 2001. es de fr pdf

Use of processed animal proteins in animal feed es de fr it nl pdf

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