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Tjapanangka was born circa 1930 near Lake MacDonald on the Northern Territory - Western Australia border.
After travelling from his home country at `Lupal‚ to the Papunya region, London Tom got work as a stockman and police tracker, here he worked and lived for many years. It was in this Papunya/Hassts Bluff region that he was to spend most of his time, except for a small time spent in the Port Augusta prison.
The establishment of Hassts Bluff as a cattle station in 1954 meant that Long Tom would find work as a stockman, the area was well known to Long Tom because as a prisoner, he helped to build fences around the land surrounding Hassts Bluff. Like many others who had come in from the desert and had traditional hunting skills, Long Tom was recruited to assist the police force.
After a spell doing this he then returned to Hassts Bluff to be reunited with his wife and return to the work that he most enjoyed, that of a stockman.
Today he has two wives Marlee Napurrula and Mitjili Napurrula, he has two children with Marlee. In the early days they would move about the country a lot, but have settled down since they started painting about the end of 1993.
Long Tom is a good man with a good sense of humour, enthusiasm and fresh new ideas.

Puli Tjunti‚ (Many Mountains)
Long Tom tells of the story of how he would travel over mountains to different areas in the outback. The travelling was generally to ceremonies involving secret men‚s business. In this painting Long Tom shows a secret mountain range out near the aboriginal settlement of Kintore.

Text taken from Steve McGrath


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