IFside.gif NYC 1993-95 Chronicle of a time, a place, a new medium.


Stacy Horn (1993)
runs the Echo bulletin board system in New York City, and author of Cyberville.

Mark Abene AKA Phiber Optik (1993)
self-described hacker, served a one-year sentence in federal prison for breaking into computer and telephone systems.

Keith Seward and Eric Swenson (1993)
produced the controversial digital 'zine Blam! in 1993. Warning: This interivew is not for the kiddies or the easily offended.

Voyager Open House (1993)
Various interviews from an event held by the pioneering CD-ROM and video disk publisher.

Tom Goldstein (1993)
Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley, talks about media mega-mergers, and how new technologies are affecting journalism.

Jaime Levy (1994)
self-described "cyber slacker," she created some of the first digital zines, press kits and artworks.

Eric Fixler (1994)
Host of pioneering interactive TV show Yorb. No computer, no set-top box, just a phone and a TV.

Iromie Weeramantry (1994)
teaches Design for the Screen at NYU. She talks about what makes it different from print design.

Fred Ritchin (1994)
Photo editor, professor and writer, on manipulation and interactivity, and the self and other in the (e)merging media.

Jaron Lanier (1994)
coined the term "virtual reality." He talks about music, mysticism, and post-symbolic communication.

Myron Kreuger (1994)
coined the term "artificial reality." No goggles and gloves, just unencumbered, full-body interaction.

Glorianna Davenport (1994)
Head of M.I.T.'s Interactive Cinema Group, talks about creating interactive news and documentaries for variable displays, and variable viewpoints.

Tom Fleishman and Skip Lievsay (1995)
Film sound gurus on the sounds you don't see, and how they make them.


Hype (1993)

Anthropomorphism (1994)

Artificial Reality (1994)

3D (1994)

Dumbo (1994)

Aphex Twin (1994)

Childhood (1994)

Graffiti (1994)

IT (1994)

Laptop (1995)

Cubism (1995)

Apartment Hunting (1995)


ITP Papers & Projects

itpext2.gif The Meat Behind the Machines (1993)
Recognizing Human Values in Technology

Blackpaint (1994)
Simple paint program created in Director. Mac-only download (280K).

Copyright Issues for Electronic Publishers (1994)

YorBar Dance Floor (1994)
Touch-Tone dancers on TV

The Inside-Out Art Show (1994-95)

Jazz Computing (1995)
Performing and Processing Digital Media

Video Turntable (1995)
A real turntable interfaced with a Mac via optical encoder, to allow scratching with video.

Random Abstract (1995)
Experiments in Form and Sound

Freelance Projects

The Inside-Out Art Show (1994-95)

Digital Evolution (1995)

Word (1995)

Assorted Web Sites (1994-95)

Kevin Walker