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We are featured artists who believe we need to take control of our destiny and our music, so that we can make the most of the opportunities presented by digital technology.

Our interests are represented by the Board of the Featured Artists’ Coalition, which will consist of both artists, their managers and representatives, and the representatives of key industry associations.

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Our members so far include:

Ali Howard
Darius Keeler
John Rosko
Maria Q
Bailey Tzuke
Billy Bragg
Boilerhouse Boys
Brett Leboff
Bryan Ferry
Chrissie Hynde
Craig David
David Gilmour
Dobs Vye
Flamboyant Bella
Gang of Four
Howard Jones
Hue and Cry
Iron Maiden
James Escritt
Jazzie B
Joe Sumner
Joel Stone
Jools Holland
Judie Tzuke
Kaiser Chiefs
Kate Nash
Katja Kassel
Male Male Female
Mike Edwards
Mike Rosenburg
Natasha Marsh
Nel Kabas
Nick Beggs
Nick Heywood
Nick Thorp
Nicola Carew
Paul Oakenfold
Paul Day
Peter Hammill
Ray Jawksue
Remi Nicole
Richard Ashcroft
Robbie Williams
Ryan Simpson
Samuel Dixon
Sia Furler
Soul II Soul
Stephen Duffy
The Cribs
The Futureheads
The Hedrons
The Verve
Thomas Tantrum
Wet Wet Wet
White Lies
Yvonne Tipping
and many others....

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