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Rich document Available Downloads
The following downloads are available for Fedora Commons software products.
Rich document Fedora Repository
The heart of Fedora, the repository service enables the creation, management, storage, access, and reuse of digital objects.
Rich document Generic Search Service
GSearch provides search capabilites based on indexing of Fedora FOXML records, including the text contents of Datastreams and the results of disseminator calls.
Rich document OAI Provider Service
Provides an OAI-PMH interface to the Fedora Repository.
Rich document Directory Ingest Service
DirIngest provides a REST-based service for loading objects from a local file system into a Fedora repository.
Link Akubra
Akubra provides a pluggable file storage interface that can be adapted to almost any storage subsystem.
Link Mulgara
Mulgara is a scalable RDF database written entirely in Java.
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