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Sajt na srpskom May, Monday 1 2006 - 07:25:57
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34th FEST OFFICIALLY CLOSED - The 34th FEST has officially ended last night in Sava Center with the film “Don’t Come Knocking. As announced, the festival was closed by the film’s director Wim Wenders. Wenders, who was the guest of the Belgrade festival for seven days, thanked his hosts for the warm atmosphere during his stay and stressed that he would almost certainly revisit Belgrade.

Ending of B2B - At the official end of program "B2B - Europe out of Europe", which lasted from 3rd till 5th march 2006., skilled jury awarded 10 000 euros, directors Milutin Petrovic for film ‘'Komarad Bunker'' and Artan Minarolieu for film ‘'Alive''. Directors sincerely thanked for a prize and beliving that their films will make positive critics on next FEST.

FEST REPLY - after official ending of FEST, we will reply most viewed films in program "Fest reply". Schedule for those projections can be viewed here
GRBAVICA TWICE - Fifteen days after the Berlinale, the spectators on FEST will have the opportunity to see this year's Golden Bear, the film Grbavica of Bosnian author Jasmina Zbanic. The story of the film is about single mother Esma, who lives in Sarajevo with her 12-year old daughter. Sara believes her father died a hero's death while defending the city. However, when offered a free of charge excursion if she brings a certificate proving she is the child... READ MORE

INTERVIEW: JOVAN JOVANOVIC - The explanation that the premiere of the film Young and Healthy like a Rose on the 34 th FEST is not a sign of its resurrection, but the confirmation of the change of the disclosure of its meaning, which is in the roots of its youth, which was put forward by Miroljub Vickovic, explains best the fact that Jovan Jovanovic's film appeared on the festival's programme. “The premiere of the film after 35 years isn't a big deal for me, considering that it was “discovered” by... READ MORE

INTERVIEW: OLEG NOVKOVIC - “I like this film very much. At the start I didn't know what I was getting into. I was afraid of blowing it, so I have prepared myself well and thought everything up. Then I went there, to the city of Bor. I met the main characters and the film began to develop in parallel with the play. Our lives, the film and... READ MORE
INTERVIEW: Fred Keleman - The story of the film begins on one night when Matis Zelk, employee of the Latvian National Archive in Riga, spots a woman on the bridge. After he passed by her failing to prevent her to commit suicide, he is haunted by a sense of failure and guilt that change his life. He can't forget her. Pushed by... READ MORE
Wim Wenders was born as Ernst Wilhelm Wenders in 1945 in Düsseldorf; as one of the most awarded and most intriguing European directors, he is today the Chairman of the European Film Academy. He has made his mark on the map of international film with his early works about post war German and the Americanization of... READ MORE

The Director of the film "Four" that has raised a high level of interest of the FEST, has arrived in Belgrade. I am very happy about the great news that you have conveyed me. It is a very valuable information for me, for it's very important to know about the reaction of people in a country that is so close to Russia... READ MORE

Patrice Chereau, Director of Gabriella - Patrice Chereau (born in 1944.) is a theatre and film director. His film "Intimacy" won the Golden Bear on the Berlin Festival in 2001; Brothers (2003) was awarded the Golden Bear for Best Direction. Chereau's theatre play of Wagner's "Nibelung's Ring" in 1976 in Beiruth, with conductor Pierre Boulez, is considered a key moment in the history of that festival. Isabelle Huppert plays Gabrielle in... READ MORE

Janko Baljak, director of Vukovar - Last Cut - In Janko Baljak's documentaries we are used to scenes who are hard to digest, so we don't doubt it will be the case with his new film Vukovar - Last Cut. It will be shown within the framework of the Facts and Puzzles program.- What could I say but that those who say this are right. I couldn't have made a film differing from the war that was... READ MORE

The Downfall of High Society - Isabelle Huppert has played many women of seemingly quiet character, but in whom burns a hidden passion. Her last film Gabrielle is yet another story about the power of emotions has had its premiere on the New York Festival. It is drama filmed based on Joseph Conrad's novel exploring the downfall of the marriage of two people from high society. Their relationship deteriorates when Gabrielle decides to leave her... READ MORE
"Love" - is the second full-featured film of Serbian director Vladan Nikolic, who has been for some time living and working in Belgrade . This film is as absurd as a movie can be absurd and full of coincidences. "Uncle Vanja" (Sergej Trifunovic) is a former member of elite units... READ MORE

» LIST OF GUESTS OF 34th FEST AND B2B - take a look at list of confirmed guests who will visit 34th FEST. Beside listed we expect of few invited which is yet to be confirmed... READ MORE