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Part 2: Publication Scheme

The information contained in Part 2 of the Publication Scheme is structured into Sections, Classes and Entries.

Sections are typically the functions carried out in the CCLRC grouped into broad categories. Classes are typically the activities (including facilities) which operate within those functions. Entries are typically individual items of information related to the activity.

Section 1: Organisation and Structure
Current CCLRC Council membership, Senior Management structure and some general department information.
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Section 2: Strategic and Policy Development
Current mission of the CCLRC and Annual report, the latest quinquennial review, compliance under the Data Protection Act 1998 and CCLRC's policy on Electronic Records Management.
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Section 3: Corporate Affairs
Summaries of Council and decision-making Boards and Committees of Council, answers to Parliamentary Questions, Press Notices, Publications, Project Management standards and Ethics.
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Section 4: Human Resources Management
Equal Opportunities and Learning and Development Policies, Investors in People, current Conditions of Employment and Recruitment opportunities.
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Section 5: Financial Management
Annual Accounts, Assets Register, various financial and propriety policies.
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Section 6: Site Administration
General information on conference facilities and restaurant opening times.
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Section 7: Safety, Health and Environment
CCLRC's current Safety, Health and Environment policies.
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Section 8: Large Scale External User Facilities
Information about the CCLRC's major facilities: ISIS; the Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS); and the Central Laser Facility (CLF).
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Section 9: Other User Facilities
Information on the CCLRC's other user facilities located at the Daresbury Laboratory, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Chilbolton Observatory.
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Section 10: Programmes
Information on a variety of current research programmes in the CCLRC.
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Section 11: Services
Information on a variety of services offered currently by the CCLRC.
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Section 12: Joint Ventures
Information on the CCLRC's current collaborative Joint Ventures.
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Section 13: Academic Collaborations
Information on some of the CCLRC's current academic collaborations.
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