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Ingredients and measurements (for five persons)

600g beef (tenderloin, sirloin and flank), 6 spoons thick soy, 3 spoons sugar, 1 spoon honey, and 2 spoons minced leek

㉠ 2 spoons minced garlic, 3 spoons sesame salt, 1 tsp black pepper powder, ⅓ cup pear juice, 1 spoon ginger juice, and 3 spoons sesame oil




① Remove fat and sinew of beef.  Cut the meat to the opposite direction of grain, into slices of 0.4㎝ (0.2 in) thickness and 5~6㎝ (2 – 2.4 in) in length and breadth.  Then, mince the meat with the back of knife until they become tender.

② Squeeze juice by grating pear on a steel plate, and then mix the juice with other condiments described at ㉠ above to make seasoning soy sauce.  Put beef in the soy sauce and mix them together so that soy sauce may be soaked well into the meat, and then store them for about 30 minutes.

③ Spread oil on a grill or pan, and heat the utensil.  Put the beef slices (seasoned sufficiently) on the grill or pan one by one, and roast them at a high heat in the beginning.  In roasting, the utensil shall be kept moistened to avoid burning of the meat.  The beef slices thus roasted will be served with lettuce.

④ If lumps of beef are roasted at one time, the cooked beef will not produce as good color or taste as those cooked by the above ③ method.




☞ When roasting meat on grill, first apply high heat until the meat surface is well done, and then roast the meat at weakened fire.
☞ To make roasted slices tender, beef should be cut to the opposite direction of grain.