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Cooked bracken vegetable is one of essential ingredients for Bibimbap which is made using young sprouts of bracken. Young sprouts of bracken were used much from early times, and it has brown color and is in wound shape. This is used for food in these days as well and it is taken as cooked or raw but after salting or drying. Bracken has very good chewy texture with unique taste and flavor and people calls it as ‘beef from the mountain’. It is essential item to prepare for sacrificial rites, and we can get brackets only from the clean place where there is no pollution. Bracket is one of the mountain vegetables which were friendly to our ancestors and they enjoyed. Bracket is known to have abundant inorganic substances and vitamins while containing large quantity of asparagines and glutamine acid.


Ballonflower is a food but from early times it has been used as herb material for folk remedies for throat ache or sputum. Saponin contained in ballonflower helps to stop coughing and to dilute sputum so that the sputum can be easily pushed out of our bronchus. The root of ballonflower contains abundant sugar content, calcium and iron content, major ingredient of which is fibroid material. Ballonflower has special chewy taste with alkaline food and is used for herb material as well. Ingredients we can get from ballonflower are moisture, protein, fat, sugar content, fiber, ash content, calcium, phosphorus, iron content and vitamin B1 and B2. In our country ballonflower has been treated as precious item from the early times as indicated in our proverb of “Aged ballonflowers are better than ginseng.”


Cucumber is one of the most familiar ingredients in Korean dish. It was originated from India and in our country it has been raised from 2,000 years ago. Cucumber which is frequently served for our meal is alkaline food and has little nutrition but contains a lot of potassium. Water content is more than 95% of cucumber, and in the remaining 5%, substances such as sugar, fibroid material, inorganic substance and vitamins are contained. When a large quantity of potassium is taken through cucumber, sodium salt is discharged from our body and harmful matters in our body are also discharged. Cucumber is a representative summer food and is good for our appetite. It has diuretic effect and therefore is good for body swelling diseases, hypertension, renal diseases and obesity. It is good for hangover as well.


Parsley is perennial herb of parsley family which is cultured in rice paddy, and in our country we eat as fully cooked vegetable and sometimes we put a little bit of parsley in ‘water Kimchi’ and other foods. Parsley is a vegetable used all the year round. As parsley has unique flavor and taste, it helps promote appetite in early spring time, especially it is good for spring fever as it contains abundant vitamin B group. Parsley contains abundant vitamin A, B1, B2, C and moisture content while containing large quantity of protein and fat. Like other vegetable, parsley is an alkaline food which contains abundant inorganic substances such as Ca, P and Fe.