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  FOOTAGE.net uses “cookies” (small data files created by our Web server and stored on your computer) to record the number of users accessing this site, and to reveal how they use it. The reason we do this is to provide accountability to our clients, who, in exchange, are providing timely, relevant, and valuable information at no cost. FOOTAGE.net does not know your identity or email address, nor any other personal data such as passwords or credit card numbers, as a result of issuing a cookie file unless you have placed a Zap Request.

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FOOTAGE.net complies with the Goals for Privacy as advocated by the Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment (CASIE):

1. We believe it is important to educate consumers about how they can use interactive technology to save time and customize product and service information to meet their individual needs. By choosing to share pertinent data about themselves, consumers can be provided the product information most relevant to them and can help marketers service them more economically and effectively.

2. We believe any interactive electronic communication from a marketer ought to disclose the marketer’s identity.

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3. We believe that marketers need to respect privacy in the use of “personal information” about individual consumers collected via interactive technology. “Personal information” is data not otherwise available via public sources. In our view, personal information ought to be used by a marketer to determine how it can effectively respond to a consumer’s needs.

4. We believe that if the marketer seeks personal information via interactive electronic communication, it ought to inform the consumer whether the information will be shared with others. We also believe that before a marketer shares such personal information with others, the consumer ought to be offered an option to request that personal information not be shared. Upon receiving such a request, the marketer ought to keep such personal information confidential and not share it.

FOOTAGE.net does not collect, share, rent, or sell personal information about its users without their consent.

5. We believe consumers ought to have the ability to obtain a summary of what personal information about them is on record with a marketer that has solicited them via interactive electronic communication. In addition, a consumer ought to be offered the opportunity to correct personal information, request that such information be removed from the marketer’s database (unless the marketer needs to retain it for generally accepted and customary accounting and business purposes), or request that the marketer no longer solicit the consumer.

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