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Recreation and the BC Forest Service

The Forest Service is responsible for managing recreation on provincial Crown lands outside of parks and settled areas, except where tenures are required. B.C.'s recreation resources have diverse, significant value, so a key component of resource planning is taking these recreational values into account.

To do that, while providing the public with opportunities for the enjoyment and appreciation of the recreation resources, the Forest Service's goals are to:

  • manage forest and range lands to maintain natural conditions, and to provide a full spectrum of recreational opportunities (from developed sites in roaded settings to backcountry, roadless areas in primitive settings);
  • identify and inventory visually sensitive areas, assist in the establishment of visual quality objectives, and develop visual landscape design techniques and procedures;
  • complete the province-wide inventory of recreation resources, update it on at least a five-year basis, and download it to the Forest Service's forest inventory database;
  • in partnership with other agencies and the Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C., develop a recreation and heritage rivers and trails inventory, classification system and strategy;
  • develop monitoring procedures, and monitor the health (using measurable indicators) of recreation resources such as wilderness;
  • meet the public's need for timely access to relevant information on recreation resources and opportunities, forest etiquette, and the safe use of forest lands, including maintaining recreation map brochures for each Forest District;
  • manage a network of sites and trails that meet public needs, and are safe, sanitary, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound;
  • further develop interpretive forest initiatives that foster dialogue with the public; and, mutual understanding about our forests and how they are managed; and,
  • expand understanding of recreation use, value and preferences through studies on aspects such as landscape preferences and visitor satisfaction.

Public participation is central to effectively protect recreation resources and to provide opportunities for use. Therefore, an ongoing goal is to involve the public in all aspects of recreation stewardship, from the development of policies to the management of specific areas.

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Last updated September 10, 1998.