Conclusion: A Brighter Future

The problems that plague B.C.’s forest economy built up over several decades. It will take some time and concerted, dedicated commitment to resolve them. But the changes outlined in this document reflect a great deal of analysis and thought; they are being implemented only after extensive consultation with forestry stakeholders and serious, careful consideration of all the effects on the industry, workers, forest communities and the province as a whole.

Overall, this plan will create a forest sector that offers more opportunities for British Columbians – a renewed, more dynamic forest sector that opens up opportunity for First Nations, new entrepreneurs and B.C. communities, and that can create and capitalize on innovations and successes. There will be room for new operators who can create jobs and other benefits for forest communities and the entire province. British Columbia will be better prepared to respond to new market demands, allowing everyone in the province to benefit from a more prosperous, more globally competitive, stronger, revitalized forest economy in the longer term.

B.C. has abundant and productive forests, a skilled workforce, a proven commitment to sustainable forest management and the know-how and ingenuity to compete in global markets. The vast majority of our forests are in public hands, and government is now acting to manage them so they are environmentally and economically sustainable, for the benefit of all British Columbians.

The long-term picture is one of hope, prosperity and continued opportunity. By removing the shackles of yesterday’s policies, we will do what is necessary to restore the B.C. advantage in a constantly changing world.

We will make sure the forests that provided wealth and security to our grandparents also provide the greatest possible benefits to us, and to future generations of British Columbians.

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