Message from the Premier of British Columbia

Our government pledged to deliver a new era of prosperity and certainty for forest workers, companies and communities. Our goal is to revitalize our forest industry and make it a global leader, renowned for the excellence of its products and practices.

Forestry is B.C.ís number one industry, and revitalizing our economy must include transforming our forest sector. Three-quarters of all of our heartlands communities depend on forestry for their lifeblood. And revenues from our public forests are the single most important contributor to every British Columbianís standard of living, whether they live in Vancouver or Vanderhoof.

Changes are clearly required to create new opportunities for forest workers, companies and communities. Although the softwood lumber dispute has confirmed the need for change, the challenges and pressures our industry is facing today began many years ago.

This forestry plan outlines a comprehensive course of action that will rebuild stability and open up new opportunities for British Columbians. Our working forest land base will create the certainty needed by investors, forest communities and workers. Our new Forest and Range Practices Act will provide sound science and common sense in forest management, which will be an example to the world.

These and other measures outlined in the following pages will restore the B.C. advantage to our forest industry, strengthen the economy of our heartlands, and provide the foundation for the public services that are essential to opening up a brighter future in communities throughout our province.

Gordon Campbell, Premier

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