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“determination” means any act, omission, decision, procedure, levy, order, or other determination made under the Act, or the regulations by an official or a senior official.

“establishment (designation)” means the legal definition of an area over which a map notation applies, and the public notification (via a notice in the British Columbia Gazette) of the approval of the map notation.

“facility” means any area or portion of a recreation site, recreation trail ,or interpretive forest site that serves as or provides for a day use area, boat launch area, trail head, or other similar functions.

“Forest Service map notation” means a Forest Service administrative label or “flag” that is placed on Forest Service maps and records to indicate an interest in an area (in this case, interest in managing an area primarily for its recreation values).

“minister” means the Minister of Forests, the Minister of Environment, Lands and Parks or Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (effective March 1996 - now Ministry of Employment and Investment - Energy and Minerals Division).

“official” means a designated forest official; a designated environment official; or a designated energy, mines, and petroleum resources official.

“Forest Service recreation site” means a recreation site established under Section 6 of the Act or designated under the Forest Act before the coming into force of the Act.

“Forest Service recreation trail” means a recreation trail established under Section 6 of the Act or designated under the Forest Act before the coming into force of the Act.

“senior official” means:

“standards” means “Code standards” (in the preface of this document) and “structure standards” (elsewhere throughout this document). “Code standards” are standards that may be established by the chief forester under Section 8 of the Act. “Structure standards” are the engineering drawings set out in the ministry’s Recreation Manual and elsewhere as the recommended design and construction specifications for recreation structures.

“statusing” means the process of determining rights, titles, or interests in a particular area or parcel of land by searching records, maps, and other documents for jurisdictions, tenures, or expressed interests by other agencies or parties in the area in question. Statusing, therefore, means “checking the status of” an area with respect to existing reports, titles, or interests. See also “status trail or recreation facility”.

“status trail or recreation facility” means a trail or facility that has undergone statusing and is recorded as such in Forest Service records. See also “statusing”.

“structure” means any improvement of a long-term or permanent nature that is fixed to the ground or permanently secured in a fixed location and includes cabins, bridges, litter barrels, shelters, signs, corrals, etc.

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