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The purpose of this guidebook is to assist outdoor recreation groups and Forest Service staff in meeting the requirements set out in Section 102, Unauthorized trail or recreation facility construction, of the Forest Practices Code of BC Act (the Act) and Part 3 of the Forest Recreation Regulation. It sets out recommended direction for individuals or groups interested in constructing, rehabilitating or maintaining trails or recreation facilities.

This guidebook applies to all provincial Crown land outside of parks. That is, it applies to all forested and non-forested provincial forest lands (about 80% of the province) and other provincial Crown lands such as non-municipal and rural settlements. It does not apply to private lands, national parks and other federal Crown lands, provincial parks and other protected areas, regional parks and municipal lands. If you are in doubt as to the status of an area and whether or not this guidebook applies, please contact the nearest Forest Service office. This guidebook:

This guidebook also provides a map and directory of the six forest regions and 43 forest districts (see Appendix 1), and a standard proposal form (see Appendix 2).

Section 102 was established on the grounds of fairness and consistency in regulating all forest practices and the need for this authority to ensure public safety, protect the environment and manage resource use conflicts. Section 102 was designed to encourage a more planned approach to trail and recreation facility construction, rehabilitation and maintenance on provincial Crown land. It assists Forest Service staff in carrying out this intent by providing them with enforcement authority.

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