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For those new to D-Net, or for those who haven’t visited the site in a while — we’ve made a number of changes over the last few months. We’d like to show you how we’ve organized D-Net, what you’ll find in some of the sub-pages, and the best way to search for information.

The main sites

  • Army – This site links you to everything about Canada’s army, including information about its command structure, organization, military equipment, uniforms, and decoration.
  • Navy – Sail with Maritime Forces Atlantic, or get your feet wet with Maritime Forces Pacific. Read about the naval reserve, maritime peacekeeping, and much more in one of our command newsletters.
  • Air force – This comprehensive site provides information on the history and evolution of Canada’s air force, as well as its current missions, future direction, air-force leaders, groups, wings, and squadrons. And there’s lots more for flight bluffs.
  • Recruiting – We’re hiring! And we’ve provided a direct link to information on recruiting and career opportunities with the Canadian Forces.
  • Cadets – Looking at post-secondary-school education? Check out the Cadets’ Web site, where you can read about the Cadets from the comfort of your own room.
  • Inside DND/CF – Here, you’ll learn more about the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces, its mandate, and its missions, and you can read the biographies of senior officials.
  • ATI requests – This is a list of the completed access-to-information requests, which we update every month.
  • DEBBS – This area is reserved for internal DND/CF use, to provide administrative and technical information for internal users of this service. This area is known as the Defence Electronic Bulletin Board Service, or DEBBS.
  • Current operations – This should be your first stop for information about Canada’s participation in UN and NATO missions and operations abroad.
  • Other related links – What’s the British army up to? How about our U.S. neighbours? The links on this page connect you internationally.
  • Defence policy – This is the spot for serious students of Canadian defence and security issues. The directory provides information on Canadian defence policy, the activities of the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs, and the Security and Defence Forum. You can download the 1994 White Paper on Defence Policy, or browse selected speeches by senior departmental officials.
  • The Minister – Get to know the Honourable Art Eggleton, Canada’s Minister of National Defence, by reading his biography and browsing selected speeches. You can also call or write to his office. The Minister’s office phone numbers and mailing address are also provided.
  • Write to the Troops – Is a friend or relative far away in Bosnia and you don’t know how to write to him or her? The "Write to the Troops" link gives all the addresses for all the bases in Canada, as well as the spots in the world where Canadians are currently serving.
  • I Want to Know – Need information on how to join the Canadian Forces? Need to know what NATO stands for? "I Want to Know" gives you a chance to get answers to questions you may have been too afraid to ask.
  • The News Room – At this site, you’ll find daily updates on what’s happening from across the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces. What’s the news of the day? What’s the Minister doing? "The Press Room" will provide you with late-breaking news on important activities, meetings, and events. You can also get background on current issues. Check out our upcoming events so you don’t miss any exciting occasions in your community. Journalists — you may want to bookmark this page, because it’s your one-stop news shop!
  • Canada’s Military Legacy – Canada has had a long and glorious military history. There is so much to tell, we can’t begin to describe it here – so visit the page!
  • Image Gallery – The Canadian Forces’ on-line photo library features action shots, historical photographs, and photos of Canadian Forces equipment and personnel. More than 500 photos are currently available, and we are adding more every month.
  • The Maple Leaf / D-2000 News – These two publications are now on-line. If you can’t get your hands on a paper copy, why not browse through it on the Web?


Useful tips

  • Searching D-Net: Are you looking for something specific? Try the search button, where you’ll find an alphabetical subject index, an organizational index, and a key-word search engine that will allow you to search the main D-Net server.
  • The archive: If you’re looking for historical information or you just can’t remember a headline from a few months ago, try looking in the archive – where we’ve organized information based on its release date, and not its topic.
  • Give us feedback: We’d love to hear from you! By using the comment button that appears in each Header on every page, you can send us any question or comment you have about the site, or any information that appears in it.

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