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Freedom House welcomes Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s announcement to postpone the passage of the Law on Associations and NGOs (LANGO) until a consensus is reached between the government and civil society.


Donors, who provide approximately half of Cambodia’s national budget, should make clear to the Cambodian government that the fourth draft of the Law on Associations and NGOs (LANGO) must be revised to protect civil society or be withdrawn, a group of concerned international human rights organizations said today.


Civil Society and Private Sector Groups Condemn Government’s Arbitrary Suspension of Local NGO




Sarah Cook is a senior research analyst for Freedom on the Net and East Asia at Freedom House.

Dr. Gunawardena-Vaughn is director of the International Religious Freedom Consortium and the Southeast Asia programs at Freedom House.

Dr. Herman is vice president for regional programs at Freedom House, where he oversees a range of programs in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Eurasia.


In Cambodia, Freedom House enhances indigenous expertise in conducting policy research and analysis on critical issues through targeted trainings and on-going capacity building.