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Service Directory

by John Sullivan Contributions last modified April 14, 2011 12:49

This is a list of people who have asked to be listed as offering support services for GNU and other free software for a fee or in some cases at no charge.

To have your information added to this list, please send an e-mail to <>.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed; we do not include any information we know to be false, but we cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct. Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here. We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of any specific person. We provide this list to enable you to contact service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Before FSF will list your name in the Free Software Service Directory, we ask that you agree informally to the following terms:

  1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution of any software, documentation, or other technical information you supply anyone in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting free software. This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the use of free software.
  2. You will not take advantage of contact made through the Service Directory to advertise an unrelated business (e.g., sales of proprietary information). You may spontaneously mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not promote a specific unrelated business unless the client asks.

Please include some indication of your rates, because otherwise users have nothing to go by. Please put each e-mail address inside “<>”. Please put nothing else inside “<>”. Thanks!

  • Aaronsen Group, Ltd. <>
    600 Grant St.
    Suite 5345
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219 US
    +1 412 391 6000 voice
    +1 412 391 6006 fax

    The Aaronsen Group provides several levels of service in the free software arena, from simple configuration and installation to large extensions and new development. We specialize in unique applications, but have the experience to handle all manner of prospects, from database-backed web-sites to high-end multiprocessor clusters.

    Our service area covers the US, with key offices in Pittsburgh, PA; San Jose, CA; and New York, NY.

    We are available for both hourly work (at $450 per hour, some qualified discounts are available) and fixed-price projects. Work is done on the client site, at our offices, or remote via Internet or telephone connection.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Actiu informatica
    Lio 3, Apartat 10
    1280 Banyoles (Girona)
    +34 670507578 voice

    We install GNU/Linux in home computers, small and medium companies, cibercafes and educational centers. Our customers use directly our support service. We are focused on solutions and support for normal and not skilled users.

    Updated: 2010-05-06

  • AdaCore Technologies <>
    North American Headquarters
    104 Fifth Avenue, 15th Fl.
    New York, NY 10011
    +1 212 620 7300
    +1 212 807 0162 fax

    European Headquarters
    46 rue d'Amsterdam
    75009 Paris
    +33 1 49 70 67 17
    +33 1 49 70 05 52 fax

    Founded in 1994, AdaCore is the leading provider of commercial software solutions for Ada, a state-of-the-art programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical. AdaCore’s flagship product is the GNAT Pro development environment, which comes with expert on-line support and is available on more platforms than any other Ada technology. It comprises a rich suite of tools including the optimizing Ada 83, Ada 95, and Ada 2005 compiler based on GNU GCC technology, a set of components, and the GNAT Programming Studio IDE available standalone or as part of Eclipse.

    We believe your project will best benefit from an open, non- proprietary technology, thus we have made all our products free software by adopting the licensing policy of the Free Software Foundation. This means that all components of the GNAT technology, including the run-time, come with sources.

    Please visit for further details of our products and services or contact us at <>

    Updated: 2010-01-20

  • Affine
    16/F, Cheung Kong Center
    2, Queen's Rd Central
    Hong Kong

    +852 9832 4290 voice
    +852 3010 1265 fax

    Affine is a leading provider of technology consulting to the securities industry. With over 12 years experience in developing financial trading applications, our services include support and development of financial technology based on multiple free/open-source technologies such as QuantLib, ActiveMQ, JBoss and others. Our service primarily covers Asia-Pacific, although we may also consider working on remote projects outside our region. Daily rates are $1000-2000 USD depending on level of skill and experience needed, and discounts can be negotiated for large projects. Please see our website for further information.

    Updated: 2007-04-09

  • Alcôve

    Alcôve, Centre Paris Pleyel, 153 bld Anatole France
    93200 Saint-Denis France

    Email: <>
    Tel.: +33 1 49 22 68 00
    Fax: +33 1 49 22 68 01

    Founded in 1996, Alcôve's main purpose is to promote and support the use of GNU/Linux and OSS on the European market. Expertise in OSS innovation is the foundation of all Alcôve's activities. We provide key accounts and leading businesses in the field of IT with:

    • Consultancy
    • Engineering
    • Training
    • Support
    • Technical watching brief
    • OSS Certification - Validation - Guarantee
    • Drivers for the linux kernel
    • Company directory and unified messaging
    • Linux Firewall Security Package

    Keys: support services, consulting, open source software, GNU/Linux, Apache, Perl, GNU, Samba, Zope, Imp, OpenLDAP

    Average daily rate, depending on the job : 1000 euros.

    Updated: 2002-06-12

  • ALE Software
  • Website:

    E-mail: <>

    Region: Wrocław, Oława, Jelcz-Laskowice, Europe, Poland

    We offer IT consulting, systems integration, corporate information systems, software consulting, support and customization based on open source software.

    Our rates start at $50 /hr.

    Updated: 2009-08-18

  • Allegro Consultants, Inc. <>
    1072 De Anza Blvd., Suite B101
    San Jose, CA 95129-3532
    +1 408 252-2330 voice
    +1 408 252-2334 fax

    Allegro Consultants, Inc, in association with DIS International, is now offering annual support contracts covering the GNU Compiler Collection and related tools, including the GCC C and C++ compilers for MPE/iX.

    The free GCC C and C++ compilers have been available on MPE/iX for several years now, and are used for mission-critical applications by many organizations including Hewlett-Packard. Until now, assistance was available only from Mark Klein of DIS on a limited, voluntary basis. Mark is the person who originally ported GCC to the HP e3000, and he continues to maintain the software and port new versions.

    Support contracts start at $1,995.00/year for an organization (unlimited number of HP e3000 computer systems) with two designated callers. Additional options are available for large organizations who need to designate more than two authorized callers, or who want the additional security of 24x7 coverage.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Amazonia Computing

    rick at efn dot org

    5050 Donald St
    Eugene, OR 97405

    I provide development and technical support for free software and open source systems including embedded programming, GNU/Linux, the GNU development suite...

    I have over 10 years experience building and maintaining systems ranging from medical patient monitoring systems to Linux device drivers for custom PCI plug in cards.

    Rates range from $85.00/hr to $90/hr USD. Will work for a lower rate if in involves working in either Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, or Cuba. I am also willing to work on fixed price contracts.

    Updated: 2007-04-05

  • Dipl.-Inform. Gerd Aschemann <>
    Martinstr. 81f
    D-64285 Darmstadt
    Tel.: +49 173 3264070

    • Consultant
      • Unix Network and System Administration
      • Distributed Systems and Middleware Infrastructures
    • former System Administrator (UNIX and NT) at CS Department, TU Darmstadt, Germany
    • 22 years working in the CS field, System administration on different platforms
    • 15 years with UNIX/Networking/FreeWare/GNU/X11
    • 12 years courses on Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
    • Lectures on System and Network Administration
    • Platforms: Solaris, GNU/Linux, SunOS, Ultrix, HP-UX, Digital Unix, AIX, SCO, FreeBSDs
    • Distributed Platforms and Information Systems (CORBA, WWW, Java, SOAP)

    Rates are at 100,-- EUR (~90 US$) per hour minimum, depending on the job. I am willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.

    Updated: 2002-04-23

  • Baker Research, Ltd.
    P. O. Box 4057, Leesburg, VA 20177
    Phone: (703) 999-6719 (Voice)
    email: <>
    Rate: $75.00/hr to $150.00/hr, or fixed-price projects.


    • Full-lifecycle software development
    • Database design and migration
    • Programming (C/C++, tcl/tk, bash, perl)
    • Custom backup and archival systems
    • GNU/Linux system installation, configuration, and management
    • Customization of systems for user needs
    • Software product evaluation and recommendation
    • Cluster systems support
      • Installation, configuration, and management
      • MPI and Myrinet support
    • Data acquisition, management, visualization, and archival

    Updated: 2004-05-13

  • Don Barry, Ph.D. <>
    Ithaca, NY

    Astrophysicist with extensive and varied hacker background. Substantial expertise in mathematical modeling, instrument interface, low-level and high-level hardware control, statistical analysis, automated/mathematical typesetting. Also fluent in opto/electro/mechanical design. I try to find solutions using free software when possible and specialize in GNU/Linux platforms. Degrees also in chemistry and mathematics.

    Speak: C, APL, Fortran, J, Perl, Emacs Lisp, IDL, variety of machine languages from CDC CYBER (!) to x86 families, TeX/LaTeX, sendmail, and quite a few others. Experience on platforms from PDP to present.

    Rates: $75--$150 per hour + travel (if required) depending on the needs of the project, the level of support and availability required, and its interest to me.

    Services: consulting, design, porting, lecturing, support, project definition, system implementation.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • James Craig Burley
    97 Arrowhead Circle
    Ashland, MA 01721
    Email: <>

    Expertise (mainly Development and Maintenance):

    • Compilers for Imperative Languages (author of GNU Fortran, aka g77)
    • Operating System Kernels
    • Tools/Utilities
    • Microcode (mainly VLIW) and Assembler
    • Software-Development-System Architecture (including APIs, IDEs)
    • Debugging
    • Documentation Authoring and Project Management


    • Programming Languages such as C, Fortran
    • Operating Systems such as Unix, GNU/Linux, Solaris, HP-UX
    • Assembler/Microcode Languages -- RISC (such as SPARC), CISC, VLIW
    • Scripting Languages
    • API Design, Documentation, and Use

    Rate: $200/hour

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • C2V

    Michel Delval <>
    Jean-Alain Le Borgne <>

    82 bd Haussmann
    75008 Paris
    Tel (33 1)
    Fax (33 1)
    e-mail: <>

    Services: we offer source or source+binary distribution, installation, training, maintenance, technical support, consulting, specific development and followup on the GNU software development environment: Emacs, gcc/g++, binutils, gas, gdb.

    Porting on new platforms, and professionally developing software with the GNU tools in the Unix/X11 environment since they were first available.

    Experience: GNU C Compilation toolchain for the SGS-Thomson D950 and ST20 DSP chips.

    GNU C compilation toolchain (cross-compiler, compiler, linker, assembler, debugger) for SparcV7 ERC32 based space systems (Sextant Avionique / Alcatel Espace).

    Feasability study, analysis and prototyping of a complete compilation toolchain based on the GNU programming tools for the CSEM RISC microprocessor family.

    Rates: from 800 Euros/day to 120 000 Euros/year, 40% discount for educational institutions, add taxes and expenses. Ask for list.

    Updated: 2002-04-25

  • Brian Carr <>
    12238 San Marino Ave
    Uniontown, OH 44685
    tel: +1 330 903 6944

    • Resolution of MySQL Performance problems.
    • Support and custom development of MySQL databases.
    • General programming in Perl, PHP and C++
    • Databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Database design and migration.
    • Database administration and development.

    Consulting rate: $150/hour.

    Updated: 2007-05-29

  • Alex Cherepanov <>
    3131 Meetinghouse Rd, Suite Q6
    Boothwyn, PA 19061
    tel: +1 610 529 3475

    • Resolution of printing problems in free software.
    • Support and custom development of PostScript and PDF solutions based on free software.
    • Variable content printing and database publishing
    • General programming in C and C++

    Consulting rate: $65/hour.

    Updated: 2004-07-26

  • CodeSourcery, LLC <>
    9978 Granite Point Ct
    Granite Bay, CA 95746
    (916) 791-8304

    CodeSourcery specializes in customization of, enhancements to, and support for all GNU software. We have particular experience in the field of programming tools, and have been responsible for many features in the GNU C and C++ compilers including the implementation of member templates and type-based alias analysis. Mark Mitchell, one of our co-founders, is a co-maintainer of the GNU Compiler Collection.

    We also have experience with GNU tools ranging from emacs to binutils to gdb to autoconf, and are willing to work on any and all free software projects.

    Please see our web page at for more information about our products, services, and prices.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Stuart Cracraft <>
    25682 Cresta Loma
    Laguna Niguel, CA, 92607, USA
    Phone: 949-347-8106
    Rate: negotiable

    Consultation topics: Entire GNU suite - porting, compilation, installation, user-training, administrator-training

    Method: via any combination of telephone, dialup, Internet, in-person, email.

    Experience: supporting GNU since project inception, original port of GNU Emacs to Sun Solaris, original author of GNU Emacs online tutorial. Expertise in C, Emacs Lisp, Perl, Expect, Oracle, Informix, SunOS, Solaris, NIS, NFS, system-monitoring via paging. Unix System and Database administration or development.

    Updated: 2002-04-20

  • Bruce Dawson <>
    CodeMeta, Inc.
    London, NH USA

    Specializing in GNU tools such as CVS, gnats, bash, gawk, fileutils...


    • 800 phone support.
    • Modification and development.
    • Training.

    Rate: Fixed rate deliverables or $110/hour for hourly work.

    Updated: 2002-04-23

  • DeepRoot Linux Pvt. Ltd.
  • #93/4, 1st Floor, Nandidurga Road, Bangalore, India - 560 046

    +91 (80) 4089 0000 / +91 9845505440

    Getting GNU/Linux to work for you. Faster. Better. Today. Every way.

    DeepRoot Linux is a eight year old GNU/Linux and Free Software company based in Bangalore. We develop Free Software products that are quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use.

    DeepRoot Linux enables customers to use Free Software & GNU/Linux effectively, conveniently, quickly and at a very affordable cost. We believe that the best way to get organisations to adopt Free Software and GNU/Linux for their IT infrastructure and web applications is to make products that are extremely easy to install and use and are backed by dedicated support and services.

    Our commercial support and associated services have helped hundreds of organisations (IT companies, corporates, non-profits, garments exporters, manufacturers, service providers and educational and government institutions among others) in enhancing their productivity.

    Our services and solutions include:

  • Solutions for all IT infrastructure components of small and large organisations alike.
  • Email services.
  • Print and fax services.
  • Internet access and web presence solutions and services.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Directory Service-enabled authentication solutions.
  • Distributed Email setups.
  • High Availability solutions for email.
  • Large Scale Email solutions.
  • Storage and file serving solutions.
  • Commercial support for Free Software.
  • GNU/Linux:

  • deepOfix Mail Server
  • Samba
  • Request Tracker
  • HylaFax
  • Qmail
  • djbdns
  • Drupal
  • Perl/Catalyst
  • Subversion
  • Our rates:

  • One-time Installation / Deployment: US$ 350
  • Annual Support Services: US$ 800
  • Consultancy Services (Via Phone / Email): US$ 25 Per Hour
  • Updated: 2009-08-18

  • DSS Distributed Systems Software, Inc.
    3253 Georgia St.
    Richmond, British Columbia V7E 2R4

    (604) 270-9559

    GNU-related services:
    We specialize in support for GCC (mainly C and C++), including porting, retargeting, and customizing.
    Also, GNU and other free software that falls within our areas of expertise.


    • Client/Server architectures, web-based applications and systems
    • Apache web server installation, configuration, and customization
    • CGI programming, LAMP, JavaScript/AJAX, PHP/Perl/Tcl, and various web technologies (HTML, XML, CSS, RSS, JSON, RELAX NG)
    • E-Security, including OpenSSL, authentication, authorization, and single sign-on
    • High-performance and special-purpose distributed systems and databases (SQLite, Berkeley DB)
    • Creating and customizing "small", embedded, and special-purpose programming languages; parser, compiler, translator, and interpreter development(lex/flex, yacc/bison, GCC)

    Consulting rates are $100-$150 USD per hour, plus applicable taxes. Fixed-cost projects are also possible.

    Updated: 2010-11-18

  • E-Systems <$gt;
    Gubinska 8, Wroclaw, Polska
    +48 71 78-55-77-5

    Rate: 50$/hr - depends on project

    We provide IT solutions based on Free Software in Wroclaw, Poland. We have over 10 years experience in the IT sector.

    Updated: 2007-08-24

  • Gord Eagle
    Box 325
    Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0

    Voice: (306) 731-3011

    I will gladly help novice and intermediate computer users to install, understand, and use free software, whether or not I have prior experience with that software. I know my limitations well, and will freely give other contacts if I cannot solve your problem myself.

    I have over 5 years of experience with several of the major free OSes: GNU/Linux (Debian, Red Hat), NetBSD, FreeBSD, and GNU/Hurd. Some of my specialties are networking, Emacs, Automake, Autoconf, C, Perl, and shell script programming.

    My rates are negotiable depending on the task: usually $40-$60 (Canadian) per hour. Flat rates preferred.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • John W. Eaton
    <>, <>


    • Original author and current maintainer of GNU Octave (
    • Derivatives of the Unix man utility that I wrote in 1990 are currently distributed with several GNU/Linux systems.
    • Improved GNU Make's support for VPATH and object libraries on VMS systems.
    • Various other enhancements and bug fixes for other free software tools.
    • I have more than 19 years experience programming various languages and systems, more than 14 years as a user and system mangler of Unix systems, including Ultrix, SunOS, AIX, HP/UX, BSD, IRIX, Digital Unix, and GNU/Linux. Long-time user of GNU tools on all these platforms.

    Octave, Matlab, C++, C, Fortran, Emacs Lisp, TeX/LaTeX, AWK, M4, Autoconf, Make, Lex & YACC, Unix shell programming, etc.

    Anything related to programming and extending Octave. Porting, installation, and customization of GNU/Linux and GNU tools. Unix system administration.

    $100/hour + travel and expenses (if required). Will consider travel for short periods and/or sufficiently interesting jobs, but prefer to work via the net or email. Lower rates for non-profits.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Emcraft Systems <>
    Moscow, Russia
    10/9, B. Tulskaya st., of. 9502
    Tel / Fax +7 495 232-36-56

    Emcraft Systems is a Moscow Russia-based company specializing in embedded software development for GNU/Linux (especially, at kernel- and firmware levels) and providing GNU toolchain expertise ranging from bug-fixing to porting all major toolchain components (binutils, GCC, GDB) to new hardware architectures.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • in-depth knowledge of the GCC internals;
    • binutils/GCC/GDB (porting, configuring, optimizing, bugfixing - including notorious Internal Compiler Errors);
    • GNU libc and friends (porting, optimizing, bugfixing);
    • Linux kernel (porting, bugfixing, optimizing);
    • device drivers (porting, developing, bugfixing, optimizing);
    • U-boot firmware programming;
    • documentation, support and maintenance for all projects.

    Our rates start at $45 / hour.

    Updated: 2007-04-06

  • Evolix
    Technopole Chateau-Gombert
    13013 Marseille

    Mail: <>
    Tel: +33491117531

    We offer professional services (support, maintenance, ...), free Software integration (mail server, firewall, etc.) and software development under GPL compatible licences.


    Rates - Variable

    Updated: 2004-07-20

  • Evolutionary IT
    PO Box 320351 Boston MA 02132
    Phone: 888.404.5074
    Web: (

    For over 15 years Evolutionary IT has been providing Information Technology solutions that make a definitive business impact. We provide excellence in the core practice areas of systems, networks, security, business continuity/disaster recovery, project management and training. Our expertise has a focus on Free software solutions to meet any need. Please see our website for more information and contact information.


    • System Administration
    • Consultation and Support
    • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    • Security Solutions
    • Training
    • Project Management
    • Network Administration
    • Network Management/Monitoring

    Rates: Varies depending on project. Support contracts available.
    >> Qualifying Non-profits get 50% discount.

    Updated: 2007-04-11

  • Christian Fernandez
    Boston MA, USA

    I have 10 years of GNU/Linux experience as an Administrator, Network engineer and had done consulting related to Networking in many fields including but not limited to Clustering and Security audits, GNU/Linux corporate installations, network designs., webservers, ldap servers, file servers.... and much more.

    Updated: 2007-05-01

  • Focal Point Software, Inc. <>
    3701 Kirby Ste 512
    Houston, TX 77098
    +1 713 215 1600 voice

    Focal Point Software Inc. has been using and writing free software since 1993. We are expert in GNU/Linux, GNU software on other UN*X platforms, and the installation, configuration, upgrade, and extension of free software applications such as JBoss, file/print servers (Samba), and other infrastructre applications (SMTP/NNTP/LDAP/IRC/Asterisk).

    We will work with clients all over the US. Our home office is in Houston TX.

    We are available for both hourly work (at $75 per hour, plus a per-diem for travel) and fixed-price projects. Work is done on the client site, and/or "offsite" at our offices via dedicated lines or internet VPN.

    Updated: 2005-08-05

  • FreeCode International Inc. <>
    PO Box 191, Vinderen
    0319 Oslo
    Phone : +47-21 53 69 00

    With FreeCode you have access to the best resources in IT structure and free software. We have contacts within several international development environments. FreeCode is the guarantor for free software solutions. You get a partner that can deliver everything from expertise to courses.

    FreeCode has offices in USA, Norway, Tanzania and Russia.

    Expertise : Get solid structure through processes based on ITIL/ISO 20000.

    Products : The FreeCode software catalog gives you an overview of quality assured free software.

    Development : Software solutions that fit the needs of your company.

    Implementation : Benefit from our experience in implementing small & large free software systems.

    Sys Admin : Hosting & system administration based on ITIL/ISO 20000 and ISO 9001.

    Support : Help with Linux and free software with a guaranteed response time.

    Training : Gain competence in ITIL, Linux and free software.

    Consulting rates - Depending on the local FreeCode office, ranging from $15 to $200 per hour.
    Fixed cost projects also undertaken.

    Updated: 2007-09-11

  • Noah Friedman <>
    6114 La Salle Ave. #739
    Oakland, CA 94611-2802

    Author of several Emacs Lisp packages and parts of Emacs, as well as numerous network and unix system utilities. Co-maintained GNU Texinfo and Autoconf for a couple of years. Experienced unix systems engineer. FSF employee Feb 1991--Sep 1994.

    I can design and implement relational database services; perform installation, porting, and enhancement of all GNU software and any other free software, especially for linux- and unix-derived systems; design high-capacity hardware-redundant servers for production environments; provide consulting on the use of version control management.

    Fees negotiable, averaging $100-$150/hour. I can work in the California bay area or anywhere accessible on the Internet. For larger jobs I may be willing to travel.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Bill Gatliff <>

    I provide development services, technical support and training for embedded systems based on Free and Open Source software.

    I have used Free and Open Source techology, in particular the GNU toolchain and embedded Linux kernels, almost exclusively for more than ten years. My background includes work in automotive, medical, instrumentation, telecommunications, aerospace and other applications utilizing ARM, MIPS, PPC, SH and other microprocessors. I have a strong background in both software and hardware design and analysis.

    I also write magazine articles for publications like Embedded Systems Programming Magazine, and am a presenter and member of the Advisory Panel for the Embedded Systems Conference. I have taught and worked worldwide.

    Updated: 2007-02-06

  • Ronald F. Guilmette <>
    RG Consulting
    1751 East Roseville Pkwy. #1828
    Roseville, CA 95661
    Tel: +1 916 786 7945
    FAX: +1 916 786 5311

    Services: Development & porting of GNU software development tools.

    GNU Contributions:

    • Invented, designed, and implemented the protoize and unprotoize tools supplied with GCC2.
    • Designed and developed all code to support the generation of Dwarf symbolic debugging information for System V Release 4 in GCC2.
    • Performed original port of GNU compilers to SVr4 system.
    • Finished port of GNU compilers to Intel i860 RISC processor.


    • 15+ years UNIX systems experience; 15+ years working on compilers and related tools.
    • 10+ years working professionally on GCC, G++, and GDB under contract to various firms including the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), Data General (DG), Network Computing Devices (NCD), and Intel Corp.

    Other qualifications:

    • Developer of commercial C and C++ compiler test suites.
    • Former vice-chairman of UNIX International Programming Languages Special Interest Group (UI/PLSIG).
    • Bachelor's and a Master's degrees, both in Computer Science.

    Rates: Variable depending upon contract duration. Call for quote.

    Updated: 2002-05-04

    15-17 avenue de ségur
    75007 Paris

    Tel - +33144420000   Fax - +33144420001,

    IDEALX is involved in the development of Open Source solutions, and ensures their deployment and maintenance.

    IDEALX also contributes to the community, by producing its own Open Source components such as : IDX-PKI (a 100% Open Source Public Key Infrastructure) see:

    Technical support
    Technology watch

    Rates - Variable

    Updated: 2002-07-22

  • JABZ | the marketing agency
    Jonas Jacek
    Managing Director

    JABZ provides webdevelopment services and technical support based on Free and Open Source software.

    We only use Free and Open Source techologies to serve our clients. Among other services we are specialized in customizing products from the GNU toolchain and writing custom Web and Internet applications.

    Our support teams speaks english, german and french.

    We are experts in creating database-backed Web sites using Apache and MySQL and offer support and service for system administrators who need help with their GNU/Linux systems.

    Our rates vary from $150 to $600 USD. Of course this depends on the nature of the project.

  • Ehud Karni <>

    Support of Emacs & Emacs lisp, GNU/Linux, Cygwin.

    Fee: $75/hour.

    Updated: 2002-04-20

  • Bradley M. Kuhn

    I am available for part-time system administration, software development and training. I have extensive experience with system administration of GNU/Linux systems and Free Software development. I have also taught courses in C++ and Perl. As a former employee of the FSF, I have a unique perspective on the free software community.

    Please visit my homepage for more information on my background and skills. My resume is also available there.

    I am available for both 1099 and W2 on-site contracting in the Boston, MA, USA metropolitan area, as well as remote consulting via dialup or Internet connection anywhere in the USA. I am not interested in relocation. However, temporary (two week maximum) jobs with paid expenses at other locations will be considered.

    My rate varies greatly (between $25-$60/hour) depending on the circumstances. Rates for non-profit organizations will be on the lower end of the spectrum if I support your cause.

    Updated: 2002-04-20

  • Greg Lehey
    PO Box 460
    Echunga SA 5153

    Phone: +61-8-8388-8286
    Fax: +61-8-8388-8725
    Mobile: +61-418-838-708
    Mail <>

    Services: Supply, porting, installation, consultation on all GNU products.

    Experience: 30 years OS and compiler experience, ports of most GNU products. Author of ported software CD-ROM for UNIX System V.4.2, "Porting UNIX Software" (O'Reilly), "Installing and Running FreeBSD" and "The Complete FreeBSD" (both Walnut Creek).

    Rates: Choice of AUD 300 per hour or hotline rates AUD 6 per minute. Outside Australia, $US 180 per hour or $US 3.50 per minute. Quick, well prepared questions by mail may be free.

    Updated: 2002-04-21

  • Alan Lehotsky <>
    Quality Software Management
    634 West St
    Carlisle, MA 01741

    Phone: (978)808-6836
    Fax: (978)287-0436


  • Support for GNU compilers, including rehost/retarget
  • GNU Binutils rehost/retarget.
  • cgen/sim
  • Perl internals hacking
  • General system software work (SW tools, O/S, device drivers)
  • runtime library (especially floating point)
  • project management
  • software process improvement
  • Experience:

    * 20+ years of design and implementation of optimizing compilers. "Mr. Bliss" at Digital in the 70's and early 80's. Experience with ARM, Motorola 68k, PowerPC, SPARC, Intel x86 and IA64, MIPS, NS32K, ADI SHARC DSP, VAX, PDP-11, PDP-10. Wrote or maintained compilers for Ada, BLISS, C, C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, Modula/2, O/S experience includes Unix (OSF/1, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX), VAX/VMS, Windows/NT, MacOS.)

    * 12 years experience with GCC internals, including major changes to support 8 bit bytes on word-address Analog Devices SHARC DSP and general support of PowerPC code generation. Retargetted gcc/binutils cross-tools to ASIC used in optical switch. Retargeted gcc to 8 bit "internet toaster" IP2K.

    References available.


  • $110/hr.
  • fixed price possible for well-defined deliverables.
  • Updated: 2009-08-18

  • Reuven M. Lerner
    <> Lerner Communications Consulting Ltd.
    PO Box 518
    Modi'in 71700


    • 08-973-2225 (within Israel)
    • +972-8-973-2225 (outside of Israel)


    • 08-973-0477 (within Israel)
    • +972-8-973-0477 (outside of Israel)


    We specialize in writing custom Web and Internet applications. In particular:

    • We create database-backed Web sites using Perl, Tcl, Python, Java, Apache, mod_perl, OpenACS, Zope, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
    • We offer support and service for system administrators who need help with their GNU/Linux systems.
    • We offer training in a variety of programming languages (Perl, Tcl, Python, and Java) and in GNU/Linux administration.

    Consulting rates: $110/hour, or $85/hour for non-profits. (Our rates drop when we're hired on retainer or for projects that last longer than one week.)

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Richard Levitte
    Levitte Programming
    Spannvägen 38, I
    S-168 35 Bromma
    Sweden +46 (8) 26 52 47 (there is an answering machine)
    Cellular: +46 (708) 26 53 44 (there is an answering machine)
    e-mail: <>

    What I do:
    I work with various free software packages, mostly GNU ones, for Unix and VMS (the latter both on VAX and Alpha). I've been porting GNU Emacs to VMS between spring 1991 and somewhere in 1998. I've ported a bunch of other GNU programs as well. I maintain GNU vmslib. For further info, see

    Programs supported:
    To a varying degree (ranging from extension and porting to installation and simple questions) at the time of updating this entry:

    • GNU vmslib, emacs, autoconf, zip, diffutils, m4, patch, texinfo, C/C++; on both VMS and Unix.
    • Other GNU programs to a small degree; on Unix.

    For further info, look at


    • Fluent in TeX/LaTeX and many programming languages.
    • Modified key elements in Emacs (e.g., memory and process management) to work transparently on VMS. I have very good knowledge in the VMS operating system. I'm also knowledged in a few Unix flavors.
    • Well knowledged in cryptography as well as the development of the PKIX standards (both based on X.500 and RFC 2459) and involved protocols (SSL, OCSP, CMS, ...)

    For further info, see

    Your Rate:
    $75-$100/hour (750-1000 SEK in sweden), plus expenses. My rates are negotiable, depending on how interesting the project is to me.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Brian Gitonga Marete
    P.O. Box 3365-00200
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Phone: +254-722-151-590
    Email: <>

    I provide consultancy and implementation services for software on the following platforms:

    • GNU/Linux
    • FreeBSD

    I am available for general Software Development, including Systems Programming, in C, C++, Python and Bash on these platforms

    I will also undertake the following services on the above operating systems:

    • Installation and Configuration, including the setup of Print, File, Mail and Web servers
    • Systems Administration
    • Network Administration
    • Software Building including the compilation of custom Linux Kernels.
    • Troubleshooting
    • Software evaluation and recommendation
    • Backup systems Design, Implementation and Administration
    • Firewall Installation and Configuration
    • Security Consultation

    Primarily, I work in Nairobi and its environs but I am willing to travel provided only that there is agreement with the client on reasonable accommodation and travel expenses.

    I am willing to take on long-term contracts, daily-paid work and hourly-paid work. My rates for daily-paid and hourly-paid work start at Ksh. 4000 and Ksh. 600 respectively but are negotiable.

    Updated: 2005-09-07

  • MNX Solutions
    19 Washington St.
    Monroe MI, 48161
    Phone:(888) 877-7118
    Email:<> - Your Server Management Experts

    MNX Solutions provides expert GNU/Linux server management services. Your GNU/Linux server will have the support it needs, monitored 24x7, including patch management, proactive updates, monthly reporting and our guaranteed response time. Our GNU/Linux server management services are priced on a per service, per month model starting at $100 per month.

    Updated: 2010-11-18

  • Moss - Card Consulting Inc <>
    16360 Broadway Avenue
    Building A, Suite 103-104
    Cleveland OH 44137 USA
    +1 216 587 4343
    +1 216 587 4342 Fax

    This dynamic Cleveland company offers the following services:

    • installation and configuration for SGI machines
    • Cross-platform development using wxWindows under GNU\Linux
    • Programming (C/C++,tcsh)
    • Compiler development using CORBA and gcc
    • Real-time Cross-Platform Development
    • Consulting
    • Engineering
    • Staff Augmentation

    We are Cleveland's first GNU\Linux developers, and one of our company's members has just launched NASA's first cross development tool.

    Our rates vary from ($50 - $400) USD depending on the nature of the project.

    Updated: 2004-2-23

  • NetGuide Scandinavia AB <>
    Tankegången 4
    S-417 56 Göteborg, Sweden
    +46 31 50 79 00 voice
    +46 31 50 79 39 fax

    NetGuide Scandinavia AB is a company that does consultant jobs and holds courses in the fields of Unix software, TCP/IP networking and Internet applications. The people behind NetGuide Scandinavia AB have many years of general Unix experience, both as system administrators and as programmers, and also extensive experience in maintaining the GNU programs; in administration as well as finding and fixing bugs.

    Services offered:

    • Installation and customizing GNU and other free software. We will make free software as easy to install and use as shrink wrapped programs.
    • Service and support subscriptions.
    • Warranty protection.
    • Customization and porting.
    • Subscriptions to new versions which we will send monthly or with any other interval.
    • Finding, recommending and investigating free software in any area of the customers choice.
    • Regular consulting.
    • Support on Internet service software, especially the free
    • Support on GNU/Linux.
    • Freeware based courses in Unix usage, C, C++, or any GNU tools

    Rates: For courses, contact us for a quote, For consulting, $60-120/hour, depending on contract length.

    Updated: 2000-12-13

  • Network Theory Ltd <>
    15 Royal Park
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 117 3179309
    Fax: +44 117 9048108

    We provide software maintenance contracts for commercial users of the GNU Scientific Library.

    We can also provide general numerical consulting for all types of scientific and quantitative applications.

    Rate: $1495/year (950 ukp) for base maintenance contract.

    Updated: 2004-04-26

  • Thien-Thi Nguyen
    Solana Free Software
    San Diego, CA, USA

    Service: General Consulting and Hacking on all things GNU
    Rates: no job too small, everything negotiable

    Updated: 2002-04-20

  • David Nicol
    Post office box 45163
    Kansas City, Missouri 64171

    Unix, GNU/Linux, Perl installation, C, C++, Lisp, Perl programming.

    CGI programming.

    Installation, porting.

    Specification development, design, implementation, documentation.

    Rate: $60/hour, or fixed contract. On-site support available in greater Kansas City area.

    Updated: 2002-04-23

  • OpenDojo
    Lincoln, Nebraska

    OpenDojo is a software development group located in the central United States. Our mission is to serve the Free Software community by:

    • Advocating the use of Free Software whenever possible,
    • Providing free or low-cost training on GNU/GPL platforms and applications, and
    • Creating custom software using Libre tools.

    Specialties include GNU/Linux development using LAMP, Java/OpenJDK, Open CFML, C, Lisp, and PostgreSQL.

    Rates: Rates vary by project, but range from $0-$200/hr.


  • OpenSiteSolutions <>
    1401 Dupont Street,
    Suite 418
    Toronto, ON M6H 2B1

    Rate $60.00/HR to $80.00/HR or fixed prices projects
    Support Services/ Consultancy Open Source Software

    • Openldap implementation and deployment
    • Unix administration
    • Web presence using Apache,oscommerce,awstats
    • Samba
    • Custom backup using Rsync, gnupg, duplicity
    • Firewall installation Pfsense or IPCOP
    • Resolution of Printing using free software

    Please consult webpage for my information

    Updated: 2007-09-10

  • Jonas Öberg
    Rimfrostgatan 95
    S-418 40 Göteborg

    Phone: +46-733-423962
    E-mail: <>

    I offer support for most GNU software including the GNU Hurd and also do system administration on GNU systems. I can do free software development and have a good understanding of automake, autoconf, flex, bison, guile, texinfo and much more. Rates around USD$100.

    Updated: 2002-04-22

  • ODG - Open Development Group
    Tel. +354 525-4001

    Technology Court,
    Dunhaga 5,
    107 Reykjavík,

    ODG is a F/OSS consultancy/support firm mostly dedicated to Iceland. We provide support/training/development of free/open-source software.

    Updated: 2004-07-09

  • Pantek, Inc.


    1255 Euclid Ave
    Suite 303
    Cleveland, OH 44115 US
    877-546-8934 [toll free]
    216-344-1614 [international]

    Since 1995, Pantek provides comprehensive IT services to companies utilizing Open Source technologies. 24/7/365 Technical Support - by phone, remote login or on-site, Pantek's expert Linux and Open Source engineers provide support for a wide range of Open Source software, distributions and systems.

    Updated: 2009-09-18

  • Pernix & Associates
    508 904 3646
    Linux/Gnu Expert

    We are in the North East but will work all over the world to help you solve your system problems including Application, Embedded systems, bugs, testing, QA Tools, etc. In some cases we work for free and others we work T&M or Fixed Price so you pay nothing till it is done and working.

    Updated: 2005-08-23

  • Francesco Potortì <>
    Via S.Stefano, 8
    56123 Pisa, Italy
    Tel. (050)560671

    installation and maintenance, training and tutorials, customisation, extensions, troubleshooting. Author of some of the packages in the emacs distribution, has made the porting of emacs to the Motorola Delta architecture.

    installation and maintenance of GNU software. Experience with hylafax, RCS, gperf, etags, smail, indent, diff, gawk, gcc, screen. Is the current maintainer of etags.

    Rates: 100 €/hour. Prefer e-mail communication to telephone.

    Qualifications: Electronic Engineering degree, Pisa. Full time researcher in CNUCE-CNR. Familiar with elisp programming, porting of C programs, low-level TCP/IP programming for embedded systems.

    Updated: 2002-06-28

  • Rodolphe Quiedeville <>
    1 Quai Martin
    56400 Auray
    Tel (33 1) 613796341

    Original author and current maintainer of the Lolix project, can be found at
    I have more than 5 years experience on free software system administration.

    Programming: PHP, Perl, Unix shell

    Services: Anything related to free software network and system administration.

    Updated: 2002-07-01

  • rackAID
  • <>

    221. N. Hogan Street, #308
    Jacksonville, FL 32202

    rackAID provides consultancy, support security and management services for GNU/Linux. We help our clients identify, deploy and maintain applications using F/OSS resources.

    Key areas we handle are:

  • Consultancy
  • Support
  • Security
  • Management
  • We have a team experienced system administrators versed in GNU/Linux, Apache, GCC, Perl, GNU, BIND, and many other GNU and FOSS programs.

    rackAID provides professional IT management services through convenient monthly support packages starting from $100/month. We also provided hourly support with rates starting at $75.00/hr for many projects. We are a proud sponsor of many free and open-source projects and continually promote the adopting of free and open-source software by the small business community.

    Updated: 2009-08-18

  • Red Hat, Inc.
    1325 Chesapeake Terrace
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA
    Toll free: 866-2REDHAT ext. 3005
    +1 408 542 9600 voice
    +1 408 542 9699 fax

    GNUPro Tools
    Red Hat provides supported and maintained versions of gcc, g++, gdb with GUI, GNU linker and GNU macro assembler. In addition, Red Hat provides these GNU software development tools for well over many popular host-target configurations. Support includes bug fixes and semi-annual releases of the toolset. Each release is regression tested and includes substantial improvements and additions to the current release. Support is available through Incident support packages, or Unlimited support for specific user groups. GNUPro is available with standard, custom, and vintage toolchains for both native and embedded application development. New target processors are being added regularly. Rates for support for standard products start at $12,500.

    Embedded Linux
    Red Hat offers Red Hat Embedded Linux to companies looking for an open source and royalty-free runtime solution. Red Hat Embedded Linux currently supports certain ARM, StrongARM, and MIPS families of processors. Embedded Linux supports multiple graphics APIs, is compliant with POSIX APIs and thread support, can be configured as low as 512k memory footprint including TCP/IP and NFS built into the kernel, and supports journaling and transparent compression in filesystems. Support for new processors is available via Red Hat Professional Services.

    Updated: 2001-05-16

  • Relogic AB
    Pipersgatan 26
    Box 868
    SE-112 28 Stockholm

    e-mail <>
    phone +46 708 800 000
    fax +46 708 800 580

    Relogic provides experienced unix developers that know and love GNU products. We can take on anything from single contractor support to full scale projects. We know all programming languages and all Unix dialects.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • RON's Datacom Co., Ltd.M
    79, DongWu Ave.,
    Wuhan, Hubei Province
    430040 China P.R.
    Tel +1370-113-0868(mobile) +86-27-83222108(office), Fax +86-27-83222108

    Ron's Datacom publishes the truly free (the "free" in freedom) monthly periodical --- FREE SOFTWARE Magazine(FSM), offering a series of free software training courses entitled "Hackerdom", including:

    • Working with GNU Emacs;
    • Programming in Emacs Lisp;
    • Using and Porting GNU CC;
    • Flex and Bison;
    • Debugging with GDB;
    • Device Driver Development with GNU AS and C;
    • Shell Programming with BASH;
    • GNU Building Tools: Make, Automake, Autoconf, M4;
    • Typesetting and Layout Designing in TeX and PostScript;
    • Parsing XML Documents.
    • Source Code Version Management with CVS;
    • GNU Awk and Sed;

    RON's Datacom Typesetting Workshop offers professional typesetting service for both academic and commericial publishers, and solutions for building the modern electronic publishing system with industrial strength.

    Hong Feng gives speeches to the public about the philosophy of free software, and importance of freedom, suggestions for curriculum reforms of computing science department in the universities and colleges.

    Please visit our website ( for more details.

    Updated: 2002-05-12

  • SeeksAdmin
    1936 Hempstead Tpke
    Suite 238
    East Meadow, NY 11554
    Phone: +1-877-397-7335
    Email: <>

    SeeksAdmin provides IT consulting, server management and security services for GNU/Linux and BSD systems. We're fully staffed 24/7 by certified administrators with a minimum of 5 years experience.

    Hourly rates start at $75/hour, in addition to, affordable monthly maintenance plans.

    Updated: 2010-11-18

  • Phillip Rulon
    122 Blossom Rd.
    Westport, MA 02790

    15 years experience with GNU systems and tools. Available for any free software project. Most useful for network design and construction or dynamic web development. Very good Debian, Perl, and Apache.

    Boston, travel OK.
    $100/hr, flat rate possible.

    Updated: 2002-06-28

  • Michail Salichos <>
    Orlof 10

    Glyfada 1675

    Phone: +306938010340

    Services Offered:

    • Support for GNU utilities/tools
    • C, C++ code optimization
    • software development
    • software design
    • system programming / GUI programming

    Twelve (12) years software development in various Linux platforms with an emphasis in object oriented programming (OOP) and object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) process. Multithreaded applications design, network and distributed object programming.

    References available

    Rates: Variable

    Updated: 2006-12-31

  • Sankhya Technologies Private Limited, <>
    III FLoor, #30-15-58 "Silver Willow",
    Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam - 530 020
    Tel: +91 891 5542665
    Fax: +91 891 5542666

    SANKHYA Development is a package of software engineering services structured around select technologies in the areas of Compilers, Assemblers and Linkers, Debuggers. Our rich experience with such technologies enables us to deliver competitive software development services to you, customized to your specific requirements.

    Sankhya offers competitive and cost-effective GNU maintenance and support services for gcc, binutils, libtools and gdb. GNU Development and Maintenance focuses on providing C, C++ compiler development, assembler and linker development, debugger development, and compiler optimizations. For semiconductor and chip design companies we offer annual maintenance packages, and for software developers we offer annual support packages. Following services are provided for gcc, binutils, libtools and gdb,

    • Retargeting gcc, binutils, libtools and gdb for new processor architectures, including RISC, CISC, VLIW or DSP architectures.
    • Implementing processor specific optimizations.
    • Annual Developer Support for developers.
    • Maintenance packages for CPU/SoC vendors. We offer variety of development/maintenance packages.

    Updated: 2004-02-13

  • Simon Josefsson Datakonsult
    E-mail <>

    Hagagatan 24
    113 47 Stockholm

    Phone +46-8-6190422
    Fax +46-8-50226087

    We implement and standardize network and security protocols. We work with technologies such as Kerberos, SASL, GSS-API, TLS, IDN, DNSSEC, OpenPGP and OpenID. Languages used include C, C++, Perl, Lisp, PHP. We have 10+ years of experience with programming, system administration, maintaining GNU programs, and standardization work.

    Support via e-mail 100 EUR per hour.
    Development 75-150 EUR per hour depending on project size and relevance.

    Updated: 2007-09-26

  • Skills 1st Ltd.
  • <>

    2 Cedar Chase
    SL6 0EU
    +44 1628 782565

    Skills 1st Ltd provides consultancy and training services covering network and systems management, directory services, and e-mail systems. We have specific expertise in Zenoss, OpenLDAP, Exim, Cyrus IMAP, Raddle and MRTG.

    We are happy to take on assignments ranging from a few hours up to 15 days per month.

    Rates are around € 100/hour plus actual expenses for on-site work.

    Updated: 2009-08-18

  • Sparkle Computer Co Ltd

    email: <>

    Specialists in software development and networks in London and South-East England, primarily using open source tools.

    • Network security implementation using iptables, snort
    • Network security testing using nmap and nessus
    • Web services infrastruture with apache, tomcat, perl, jboss
    • Software development in C, C++, java, perl
    • Databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Mail services with sendmaill, MailScanner, spamassassin and virus scanners
    • Windows file and print services with Samba

    Development, configuration and consultancy services at 600 (pounds)/day. Fixed price negotiable. Managed administration and monitoring negotiable.

    Updated: 2002-07-01

  • Andre Spiegel <>
    Berlin, Germany

    Maintainer of the GNU Emacs version control package (VC).

    I can provide consulting and practical help for the installation and administration of GNU/Linux systems, in particular Debian. Also knowledgeable on many other Unix derivates, and network technology. Installation, porting and customization of GNU software is possible; I have programming experience in C, C++, Java, and Emacs Lisp, among others. Expertise in version control using RCS or CVS. I also give seminars on the above subjects.

    Rates: 75 EUR/hr (US$ 70)

    Updated: 2002-04-22

  • Julian Stacey

    • Munich, Germany = Muenchen, Deutschland.
    • Qualifications: University Degree, BSc Hons Computers & Cybernetics, 1980.
    • Resume: Projects:
    • Specialisation: Unix (since 1978) (Pref. BSD or Linux), C, X-Windows, FSF/GNU tools, firewalls, systems engineering, hardware interfacing, real time/ embedded, custom design & porting. No { Emacs, Cobol, Microsoft }; BSD consultants list maintainer; Free Software Presentations:
    • Net Consulting: Remote via DSL + On site in Munich area. + Multiple fixed IP servers on net.
    • Rate: Euros per hour. Dependent on job & work load + local market & remote exchange rate.
    • Free Personal sources:
    • Free GCC-1.40: For Symmetric Computer Systems Model 375 (native cc is broken).
    • Languages: I am English. Ich verstehe Deutsch. Je comprend Francais, (lentment!). Use Hoch Deutsch, not Bayerisch, Spell slowly & clearly, Use single digits (no inverted digit pairs).
    • Contact: First please state approx. amount of days/ months you want to purchase professional consultancy; Else please note I am Not a free help desk, post your questions to a newsgroup or mail list or forum, for those with more time, knowledge, & inclination.
    • Updated: 2008-04-04
  • Richard M. Stallman <>
    545 Tech Sq, Rm 425
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    Emacs: anything whatever
    Is anyone interested in courses in using or extending GNU Emacs?

    Original inventor of Emacs and main author of GNU Emacs and GCC.

    Rates: $6/min or $250/hr.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Secure Network S.r.l. <>
    Centro Direzionale Colleoni - Palazzo Taurus
    Viale Colleoni, 3 - 20041 Agrate Brianza - Milano - Italy
    Tel +39 (039) 5966025
    Fax +39 (039) 652477

    Secure Network provides a full range of consulting and implementation services on network security, using, customizing and supporting free software installations of any kind. We have packages ready to be deployed and customized for ISPs and end-user, and we can create and customize installations for securing an existing infrastructure or create a new, secure, free-software environment.

    Although we support legacy proprietary systems, we will help our customers migrate to free software whenever possible, enabling them to save money and enjoy the additional freedom this entails.

    Our service area covers Italy and SEMEA, we are strategically located near Milano in Italy.

    We are available for both time-material work (at an average rate of EUR 600 daily) and fixed-price projects. Our preferred way to work is on the customer's premises, to interact with customer's staff and deliver an on-job training on the software we are deploying; but of course, remote work via Internet or telephone connection is available for maintenance or assessment works.

    Updated: 2007-04-05

  • Static Free Software
    4119 Alpine Road
    Portola Valley, Ca 94028
    (650) 851-2927

    Static Free Software developed and supports the "Electric VLSI Design System". Steven Rubin, the founder of the company and author of Electric, is available for enhancements, support, and training.

    Please see our web page at for more information about our products, services, and prices.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Tommy Stiansen
    Skeielia 112
    5238 Raadal

    + 47 92 40 42 00
    + 47 55 22 12 17

    Special fields:

    • Unix, GNU/Linux, Perl installation, C, C++, Lisp, Perl programming.
    • CGI programming.
    • Installation, porting.
    • Specification development, design, implementation, documentation.
    • Firewalls, security analysis.
    • Porting Windows platforms to GNU/Linux.
    • Teaching, preaching GNU/Linux / unix and Telecom.
    • 15 years experience with GNU systems and tools.
    • Most useful for network design and construction or dynamic web development.
    • Expert in Apache, php, Mysql, Telecom related, C, Lisp, Perl.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Swing Digital Ltd. <>
    15-17 Middle Street
    BN1 1AL
    United Kingdom
    Tel +44 (0) 1273 20 11 66
    Fax +44 (0) 1273 20 11 68

    Swing Digital actively supports the development of the GNU.FREE Internet Voting system. Through this support we have gained the unique expertise to support, install and run GUN.FREE-based Internet votes. We are also available in a consultancy basis to offer advice for organisations wishing to run GNU.FREE themselves.

    Our consultancy fees start at 900 Euro (550 UK pounds) per day. We are also able to securely host Internet Votes, prices on application.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Kayvan A. Sylvan <>
    Sylvan Associates, Inc.
    879 Lewiston Drive
    San Jose, CA 95136-1517
    Phone: (408) 978-1407
    Fax: (408) 978-0472

    I will help you port, install and customize GNU Emacs, GCC, G++, GNUmake, bison, and other GNU tools on almost any architecture and operating system. Questions answered. GNU C/C++, Java and lisp hacking available.

    I will also do ongoing support and periodic upgrades if you get on my GNU software subscription list.

    Rates: $100-$125/hour, depending on type and quantity of work.
    Substantial discounts for long-term contracts and also for educational or non-profit institutions.

    Experience: Many different Unix systems (2.9BSD to 4.4BSD, Xenix, SVR3 and SVR4, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD). Systems programming and system administration on all brands of Unix.

    Kernel hacking experience. Lots of porting experience.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Synetec
    E-mail <>
    Tel: +48 32 7508697
    Fax:+48 32 7508698

    Region: Poland, Europe.

    Offer: IT consulting, mobile applications, web applications, outsourcing, server systems, computer networks, system and network administration, content management systems.

    Updated: 2010-11-18

  • Thalix 79 boulevard Richelieu
    92500 Rueil-Malmaison France

    Email: <>

    Tel.: +33 1 57 69 12 29

    THALIX is a French Free Software service company which specialises in integrating solutions such as weblog, helpdesk... THALIX offer all Free Software services such as consulting or support. THALIX also provide a complete and secure web hosting solution.

    Some software: Debian GNU/Linux, IRM, GLPI, Nagios, Cacti, ClamAV, Apache, Drupal, Serendipity, OpenGroupware, OpenLDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    Programming: PHP, Perl, LaTeX

    Technical support
    Technology watch

    Average daily rate, depending on the job: 700 euros.

    Updated: 2007-04-05

  • Alfredo Tomasini
    <>, <>

    • GNU/Linux Intel desktop/laptop installation, setup, and networking.
    • Installation of GNU tools on SunOS and GNU/Linux.
    • Sed and Gawk script development.

    Languages: English and Italian.

    Fee: $50/hour.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Tksoft Inc.
    Papinkatu 19
    06100, Porvoo
    +358 40 570 9900

    Software development services for GNU programs.
    We can modify and fix GNU software.
    We will also develop new software under the GNU license.

    10 years of experience in linux and other GNU software.

    We speak Finnish, Japanese and English.

    Updated: 2004-05-13

  • Leonard H. Tower Jr. <> <>
    36 Porter Street
    Somerville, MA 02143-2313

    Will work on most GNU, GPLed, and Open Source software.
    Installation, handholding, trouble shooting, extensions, teaching, etc.

    Rates: $ 250.00/hour + travel + expenses. Fixed fee quotes available. Negotiable for non-profits.

    Experience: Have hacked on over a dozen architectures in many languages. Have system mothered too many varieties of Unixes. Assisted rms with the front end of GCC and its back-end support. Installed and worked with many GNU programs including GNU Emacs. Resume available on request.

    Updated: 2002-04-18

  • Tycho Softworks <>
    23 Olin Drive
    CMCH, NJ 08210 USA
    +1 609 204 7308

    Tycho Softworks is a provider of professional services and commercial incident support worldwide to users of GNU Bayonne for both traditional wired circuits and the rapidly growing Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) telephony market. Our company develops solutions exclusively using Free and Open Source software. Our own software is publicly developed as part of the GNU Telephony community. While Tycho Softworks specifically helps to develop and provides commercial support for GNU Bayonne, we develop solutions using various free and open source licensed software on GNU/Linux for our clients. We primarily offer solutions using the CentOS and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions.

    Updated: 2007-09-09

  • Wasabi Systems
    500 E. Main St., Suite 1520
    Norfolk, VA 23510

    +1 757 248-9601 voice
    +1 509 461-7283 fax

    Wasabi Systems provides service and support for the popular GNU development tools, as service packages and as stand-alone software distributions. We provide cross-compilers and cross-debuggers to be used for developing all types of embedded systems. We specialize in optimizing the GNU tools for particular targets, and in providing support for standardized tools to be used on multiple types of hosts for multiple types of targets. We provide first- and/or second- tier support for you and/or your end-users.

    Support is available in a variety of packages, with a base rate of $200/hour.

    Updated: 2004-03-02

  • Robert Wetzlmayr
    Thal 6
    4860 Lenzing


  • Interpreted and dynamically typed languages (Perl, PHP, Ruby)
  • Web servers (Apache, mod_rails)
  • Open source web applications (Textpattern CMS, Drupal, WordPress, PHPList)
  • Version control systems (Subversion, git)
  • Software development environments (Eclipse, NetBeans)
  • Rate: $90/hour

    Updated: 2010-05-06

  • Jody Winston
    xprt Computer Consulting, Inc.
    731 Voyager
    Houston, TX, 77062
    (281) 480-UNIX, <>

    We have supported, installed, and used the entire GNU software suite for over 10 years on many different Unix platforms. We have written character device drivers and proc file systems for custom hardware running on GNU/Linux. We have developed extensions for tcl and Python. In addition, we have developed a custom X11 server and X input extensions. Our consulting rate is $150.00 US dollars per hour, negotiable, plus a per diem for out of town work.

    Updated: 2002-04-19

  • Benjamin Wolsey

    I am a leading developer on the FSF high-priority project Gnash and contributor to various Free Software projects, specializing in C++ design, documentation and maintenance.


  • Software design, development, and support
  • Free Software Flash tools and content creation
  • Documentation (English, German)
  • Reverse engineering of proprietary technologies
  • Updated: 2009-09-18

  • The Written Word
    Email: <>
    Tel: (800) 372-7476

    The Written Word provides CDs of pre-compiled Open Source applications on popular UNIX variants. Clients can purchase a one-time CD set ($149/set), or a subscription, which provides four quarterly releases. Two types of subscription are available: "media only" ($550/year), or "media and updates" ($1459/year). The "media and updates" subscription entitles the subscriber, via a web site, to patches, security fixes, new releases to existing packages, new packages, online documentation, and changelog information, between releases, and a central bug tracking system for all packages.

    Updated: 2000-11-27

  • Xetpoint Oy
    P.O. Box 43, FIN-33961 Pirkkala, Finland

    Email: <>


    • GNU/Linux system installation, configuration and maintenance
    • GNU/Linux system administration
    • GNU/Linux consultation and support
    • GNU/Linux and free software customization
    • Network administration
    • Free software development and integration
    • Training
    • Security analysis

    Rates: 80 EUR/hour or fixed contract.

    Updated: 2004-02-13

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